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Canada Online Dispensary

You have come to the right place if you have been looking for the best place to buy from an online dispensary Canada. Your favourite strains of cannabis fall into every grade, from low to high. Goldbuds has you covered.


Goldbuds Canada online dispensary provides you with the highest quality buds from the best growers in British Columbia, Canada. BC produces the highest grade of cannabis strains of Indicas, Hybrids, and Sativas. A variety of marijuana products are available on our website, as well as accessories.


Get the best of Mail order Medical Marijuana delivered directly to your doorsteps in all the cities and towns of Nova Scotia

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We only carry weed from the utmost quality in Goldbuds weed online thats what makes us the best online dispensary Canada.  So that we can maintain a high level of quality, we only purchase directly from growers.  


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Shipments over $150 are free. We only ship Canada post express making us the quickest online dispensary Canada around.  Simply go on the menu and put your products in the cart or shopping cart after creating a username or email. Once the next day and the same day’s shipments are completed, tracking numbers will be provided.


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Canada Online Dispensary

Despite the legalization of weed, the culture of cannabis products and cannabis concentrates persists. The use of on keeps growing as more countries legalize its use. In addition to marijuana being widely used, it also draws many people’s attention.


Online Dispensary Canada

The THC and CBD marijuana industry is revealing a great deal of interesting information.

There are no more taboos related to mail order marijuana use. Also, its associations with hippies and criminals are fading. It is becoming more and more common for people to use marijuana.

Looking for interesting marijuana facts? Learn about THC and CBD marijuana and broaden your knowledge of it by reading on in Canada.




3 Cool Facts About Cannabis

Gender Preferences On Weed

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Female mice respond differently to THC cannabis products than male mice, according to a study. Tolerance to THC was greater in females exposed to the drug. The researchers also observed that female mice were more susceptible to THC. THC was also found to be most potent during ovulation in female rats. According to them, the high levels of estrogen may be responsible for this. In studies on men, it has been found that they get hungry more often.


Hollywood has undergone two name changes. In the legal sense, no. Los Angeles has changed its name to Hollyweed twice.

Truth Liquid

As long as you do things in moderation, everything will be fine. Even a little marijuana can make some war prisoners talk. As a way of getting prisoners to tell the truth, marijuana was given to them as a punishment.

Northern Lights

The popular hybrid strain created by crossing a Thai Sativa with an Afghani Indica is often available at Goldbuds. California was soon swept up by this Dutch import. Northern Lights had become a favourite strain available at Goldbuds online dispensary, By the time the medical marijuana movement reached its peak. It contains nearly 20 percent THC and is strongly indica-dominant. 

Weed Canada

In general, most cannabis strains have an amazing weed smell, but Northern Lights have an exceptional aroma. Cannabis and cannabis edibles users will recognize the scent of its spicy and sweet notes. Citrus and ammonia are reportedly the scents.



 Hindu Kush 

The strain here is one of a handful of pure Indica varieties we carry at Goldbuds online dispensary, and one of the best Indica varieties available. The plant is typically chubby and small. Typically used to induce sleep and relax, this drug is heavily sedative.

Strawberry Kush

With a sweet and flavourful THC profile, this strain is mainly Indica, providing a relaxing and mellow high. In order to create the strain, an OG Kush and a Strawberry Cough were genetically combined. As fast as 2 months after it is planted, the plant grows dense, green buds. The sedative effect of the product makes it suitable for use during the night.

Goldbuds Statement

In addition to being a leading advocate of legalizing cannabis, Goldbud’s mission is simple. We are a cannabis company that specializes in the delivery of cannabis, oil, concentrates, and other accessories of world-class quality. Our organization believes that every Canadian who needs marijuana should be able to access it, & our goal is to make that realization a reality.


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We at Goldbuds are committed to protecting your privacy and security. For the protection of our clients, we have a team of security professionals working around the clock.

There are no physical servers in the United States, but we send sensitive information to offshore servers daily, which prevents leaks. Whenever you have questions, please contact us so we can alleviate your concerns.

Goldbuds Trusted Across The Country

We value the trust our customers place in us as members of the community when we source the best products to get delivered to you.

buy cannabis onlineOur strength has always been our customers’ satisfaction, and we aim to provide them with the best possible customer service. To ensure you receive only the best service at our dispensary, we have 24/7 online chat support. Reliability is something we know and value.

When searching for marijuana or cannabis, you are likely to discover hybrid strains. It’s helpful to know what they are since smoking them has its benefits.

Combining Indicas and Sativas creates hybrids, which have the characteristics of both varieties. A hybrid strain is likely to have some characteristics of both types of marijuana strains, if the two strains are both equally enjoyable.

Weed’s ability to affect healing in this way makes it infinitely more valuable. It is possible for users to experience a combination of euphoria and relaxation simultaneously with hybrid strains, for example. When an indica strain crosses with a sativa strain, both CBD and THC can be present.

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