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Canada Weed Online

Our company has established direct relationships with the finest growers in BC and Victoria Island. Our cannabis products can be traced from seed to bud. Weed from Goldbuds is of the highest quality, so you can be confident that buying weed online will be a great experience.

Highest Standards Of Quality

The best cannabis products are available to our customers through our Canada weed online cannabis store.

Our mission is to become Canada’s best online dispensary by providing top service to our customers as well as an unmatched shopping experience.


Canadians are accustomed to finding mail order marijuana dispensaries, with some offering high-quality marijuana and others providing substandard pot. It can take a long time to find a reputable online dispensary.

Marijuana online is a great way to find out what other people think about and appreciate about their legal marijuana dispensary purchases.

You Can Buy Weed Online With These Top Products

Two primary guidelines are used by online dispensaries to offer high-quality services to their customers, the best products and the best service.

Providing the highest quality products and services is part of our commitment to your satisfaction. We are well trained to handle any concerns or questions you may have.

Marijuana Dispensaries: Choosing One That’s Right For You

There can be a lot of confusion when buying weed online. It can be difficult and stressful sometimes to find an online marijuana dispensary.

Canada Weed Online

Since we all enjoy different kinds of marijuana, go online to Goldbuds THC and CBD online dispensary that provides high-quality strains of marijuana that you appreciate.



Payment Options That Are Reliable

As crypto payments are extremely uncommon among online dispensaries, they pose the risk of committing fraud and taking advantage of their customers. When Canadians order marijuana by mail, they always use E Transfer, which is the most trusted and safe method of payment through the internet.

Keeping your information secure and private

You can be assured that any details or information you provide to us about yourself will remain private and secure. Secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients. The customers’ private emails, age, shopping history customer data are often stored by Canadian online marijuana dispensary stores for spamming purposes. Goldbuds does not do this. 

Cherry Gummies

Marijuana stores that ship via mail

McDonald’s is not the only company with employees who turn over as quickly as part-timers. Cannabis customers aren’t in exactly the best position when it comes to finding cannabis. You can ask any question about Goldbuds’ strains and products by contacting our manager. The Goldbuds team has been providing online dispensaries for over a decade.

Dispensary Stores

Buying marijuana through mail order has been available in Canada for ten years now. 

There have always been dispensaries in Canada where high-quality cannabis products can be purchased. Since it has a reputation for being one of the best options online, buying weed is a hassle-free experience.


Marijuana purchased by mail

Founded in 2000, Goldbuds is Canada’s leading online cannabis dispensary. You have to compare more than a dozen strains and brands before choosing the best one. Below is a product review that you can read before making your purchase. Customers who buy cannabis from reputable companies know where the product is grown and  produced. 

Weed and edibles online

Goldbuds’ clients like to indulge in gummy bears and chocolate. Several kinds of these items are available in our online store, so you can choose the right one for you. They are typically very affordable since they are mass-produced and delivered in a timely fashion.

Canada Edibles

Since online dispensaries have a higher selection of edibles in Sativa, Indica and hybrid than retail storefronts, it’s best to purchase edibles there. The average dispensary shop carries five to ten edible products, while online dispensaries offer more than twenty.



Products for Online Marijuana Dispensaries and Vapes

In addition, you will find several of the strongest strains of indicas that are great for easing stress in your favorite weed online Canada dispensary. Price-wise, it represents good value.

Here Are A Few Of The First

Online marijuana dispensaries have been around since 2005. A patient can only use cannabis if they can prove their health and need. The customers could not choose express shipping, and the postal service took longer to deliver their packages.



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