Edibles Weed

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Goldbuds trusted online dispensary has the best selection for edibles weed in Canada.

THC Gummies

There is a huge market for cannabis gummies on the market today. With fun, fruity flavours and a small size, it’s no wonder someone would love to pop one in their mouth by themselves or with friends. 

Forbidden fruit

Dosing THC and CBD

The dose is easy to adjust each time, and they are more discrete than flowers or vapes. Why do THC gummies taste and perform the way they do? Here is your ultimate guide to the chewy friend that you’ve been craving, the CBD or THC gummy.

edibles weed

Distillate THC

As you’re only using one cannabinoid, you may encounter the one-note effect with distillate THC. When this method is used, terpenes are typically removed, so the entourage effect does not occur. The absence of terpenes can leave you with a less happy high. 

Do you have questions about these products? Take it slow and easy, we said. THC distillate can make you feel more powerful than originally expected if it is taken at a higher dose than your body is used to. The experience is disrupted by the absence of other cannabis cannabinoids or terpenes to balance things out. 




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