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Best Marijuana Shatters – Our Top Five Favourite Shatter Concentrates Online!

Shatters are a new way of deriving a potent punch of THC. The derivative of the cannabis plant, shatters are increasingly becoming popular in Canada due to their potency and ease of handling. It is created using chemical processes that extract THC and creates a concentrate of up to 95%.

When it comes to shatter, the renowned names in the business are Phyto Shatter, Phant Shatter, Coast Shatter, Everest Shatter, and Green Gold Shatter, which we cover in this post. We provide an in-depth review of each of these marijuana shatter or marijuana dab companies so that you can have a much easier time choosing when you order shatter online in Canada.

Phyto Shatter

A bag containing one gram of phyto space candy marijuana shatter product

Phyto Shatter refers to the wide variety of products produced by the Canadian firm Phyto Extractions. This is a premium company when it comes to shatters. The Phyto Shatter company was the winner of the 2015 Karma Cup for the best shatter concentrate, Phyto Shatter are available for various strains such as Gorilla Cookies, Mr. President Shatter, Pink Cross MK Shatter, Orange Crush Shatter, Kosher Kush Shatter, Gypsey Queen Shatter, AK-47 Shatter, Jack Ripper Shatter, King Kong Shatter, King Louis XIII, etc. In our experiments with the various strains, we found King Louis XIII and Gorilla Cookies to be the best.

The new line of Phyto Shatters that uses the CO2 extraction in the product line Super Nova are the best products of Phyto Exactions. The two products we recommend from this company include:

  • King Louis XIIINamed after the famous French King, the shatters are obtained from Ocean Green Kush. This is a deep Indica strain with a very earthy, pine, and woody aroma. This strain has a wide range of medicinal use predominantly known for its pain relief and relaxation. All shatters are recommended for night time use including this Phyto Shatter.
  • Gorilla Cookies This is a hybrid strain – a mix of Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. One of the very potent strains, the shatter of Gorilla Cookies has to be one of the best and the most potent shatters available in the market. The unique smell of the shatter deriving the earthy small from the Gorilla Glue and the mint from the latter stain, the smell of the Gorilla Cookies from Phyto is one of the strains you must try. A word of caution though, this is not the strain that a beginner should try. Suitable for recreational use with its high recorded to be euphoric, happy, and relaxing.

Phyto shatters from Phyto Extractions are a widely available and popular brand for shatters. The recent release of a new product line – the SuperNova is gaining popularity touted as the best product from the company. Check out our detailed review of Phyto extractions here.

Phant Shatter

"Three packs of phant shatter packages"

Phant shatter is one of the most sought award-winning shatter brand in Canada. 2nd place winner of the 2015 Canadian Awards for the most smoked extract, Phant shatter is available in various strains such as the Blueberry Kush, Northern Lights, Purple Candy Kush, and Master Kush. Although not a lot of options when compared to other brands in our list, the options available are of premium quality and made in the Phant’s state-of-the-art facility in British Columbia.

  • Blueberry Kush

"1 gram bag of Phant Shatter blueberry strain"

Phant shatter blueberry strain  

A strong Indica, the Blueberry Kush is a potent strain that slowly progresses to a body sensation, suitable for pain relief and relaxation. This is a hybrid, originally from Oregon made from mixing OG Kush and Blueberry. The strain has a delightful aroma with an earthy and fresh blueberry. The effects of this variety of Phant shatter is happy, euphoric, tingly, relaxed, and sleepy. Suitable for a variety of patients, this shatter is suitable for medicinal use.

  • Northern Lights

"1 gram bag of Phant Shatter northern lights strain"

Phant Shatter – Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights is a dominant Sativa strain from Sensi Seeds. 70% of Sativa delivers an invigorating cerebral high that is known to heighten the senses of the users. The strain with its unique high and consciousness of the surrounding is suitable for daytime use. People who stand to gain from the use of this Phant shatter include stress, inflammation, cramps, depression, and chronic pain patients. Northern Lights has a euphoric, sleepy, uplifted, relaxed, and tingly high.    

  • Purple Candy Kush

"1 gram bag of Phant Shatter purple candy kush strain"

Phant Shatter – Purple Candy Kush Strain

An all-around strain, the Purple Candy Kush is ideal for people looking for a strong relaxing medical cannabis. An Indica-dominant cross, the Purple Candy Kush is derived from the Mendocino Purps and BC Sweet Tooth. A sweet flavor with a touch of grape and berry, the Purple Candy Kush delivers a powerful hit. The effects of the strain are happy, sleepy, hungry, relaxed and euphoric.   

  • Master Kush

"1 gram bag of Phant Shatter master kush strain"

Phant Shatter – Master Kush Strain

Originally from Amsterdam and a popular Indica cross, Master Kush is a cross of the Hindu Kush and Skunk. A widely used strain in all its forms, this is probably the most famous Phant shatter. The aroma of the stain is nearly neutral with a slight hint of earthy and citrus. With this strain of Phant shatter, you can expect full sensory awareness and body high that relaxes and provide a happy, uplifted, euphoric and sleepy sensation.

With Phant shatter and its varieties, there is hardly anything that is not to like. We recommend that you try them all to find the ideal flavor or strain that you like.    

Coast Shatter


"three bags of coast concentrates shatter"

Coast Concentrates Shatter

As a new company on the scene, the Coast shatter has made its mark with premium quality concentrates. With top quality plants and strains selected for the shatter, the Coast shatter is predicted to soon become one of the top sellers in the shatters business. Our experience with this brand was exceptional. They offer a wide range of strains to choose from namely White Castle, Purple haze, King Kush, Blue Dream, Ace of Spades, Stacy’s Mom, Green Crack, Acapulco Gold, Black Diamond, California Orange, NYC Diesel, and the Red Dragon.

In our experiment with Coast shatter, we found three strains to be particularly interesting – Black Diamond, King Kush, and Ace of Spades. However, we are not emphasizing that these are the best strains of Coast shatter. In fact, all strains are different and exceptional, it depends on the taste and the preference of the user. We recommend you try them all and discover which are the strains you like and the ones you don’t.

Everest Shatter

"Everest shatter gods green crack bag"

Everest Shatter Concentrate

Everest Shatter is a US company started in 2016. This is an end-to-end medical cannabis dispensary, from growing the plants, production of various products, sales to educating people about the benefits of cannabis.

The company claims all its products to be handcrafted and of the highest quality. The plants are out-door grown in a natural environment using the latest technology and with the minimal use of chemicals. Everest shatter gives a lot of emphasis on the quality and the taste of the strains. In all its products, the original taste of the strain is well-preserved. Everest offers a wide variety of cannabis products from shatters, edibles, oils, wax to vape panes.

Here are the various strains of shatter offered by Everest – Maui Waui Shatter, Strawberry Cough Shatter, Space Crush Shatter, Zombie Kush Shatter, Tuna Kush Shatter, Space Cookies Shatter, Rockstar Shatter, NYC Diesel Shatter, MK Ultra Shatter, Juicy Fruit Shatter, Jack Herer Shatter, Head Band Shatter, God’s Gift Shatter, Chem Dawg Shatter, Blueberry Nuken Shatter, and Black Diamond Shatter.

We tried various strains and found Everest’s Jack Herer Shatter to be particularly interesting. It is a widely recognized strain in the US. The Sativa strain is named after a famous cannabis activist Jack Herer. The high of the Jack Herer shatter is distinctive, it gives a head high that rises slowly until the peak, then gradually subsides. The fragrance and the taste of this Everest shatter is pine and trees. After consuming you feel elated, happy, euphoric, energetic, and creative.      

Green Gold Shatter

"green gold shatter bag"

Green Gold Shatter

Green Gold shatter is the producer of premium concentrates with one of the highest THC percentages. All its products are lab-tested for quality. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Green Gold shatter is another popular native brand.

The company lists a wide range of products such as White Widow, White Rhino, Ultra Master, Tangerine Dream, Snoop’s Dream, Rockstar, Rainbow, Purple Kush, Pink Kush, Mimosa, Lemon Walker OG, Juicy Fruit, Hellfire, Granddaddy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Death Star, Bubba Kush, Blue Mango, and Blueberry.

Green Gold is renowned for its highly affordable products while maintaining optimum quality. The company sources its materials for trusted and long-term local farmers. At every stage of the production, the quality of the shatter is maintained. The superior quality product and affordable pricing make Green Gold shatter a contender for the top 5 shatter brands in Canada.

Enjoy the Various Shatters

All the five brands (Phyto Shatter, Phant Shatter, Coast Shatter, Everest Shatter, and Green Gold Shatter) we discussed in the post are the top shatter brands available to customers in Canada. They are all widely available and have their own unique features. We particularly liked the Phant Shatter’s Blueberry Kush, Northern Lights, Purple Candy Kush, and Master Kush; Phyto Shatter’s King Louis XIII and Gorilla Cookies; Coast Shatter’s Black Diamond, King Kush, and Ace of Spades; Everest Shatter’s Blueberry Nuken Shatter, and Black Diamond Shatter; and Green Gold Shatter’s Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, and White Widow.     


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