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Buy Weed in Canada

In Canada, medical marijuana has been legal since 2013 when Health Canada introduced the “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations” ( This legislation, which contains a defined set of rules to possess, grow and consume marijuana for medical uses, has the foundation for the first step towards marijuana legalization on a recreational basis like tobacco or alcohol.

Canadian doctors and lawmakers have recognized what ancient civilizations like the Chinese and the Indian people have known for centuries; that marijuana has legitimate medical properties. These cultures are aware that it can be helpful in treating certain conditions, such as alleviating pain, in cases where conventional modern medicine cannot.

A doctor understands what their patient needs, which is why the law allows for a physician to prescribe medical marijuana. The effects of marijuana are different for everyone. The properties of the cannabinoids (the substances that actually produces the relaxation feeling or “high”) are processed at different rates by the brain so the effects on how one feels when consuming weed vary. This is one reason why medical marijuana has to be prescribed by a physician other than the obvious regulatory component. A doctor will best know and understand –if it is for medical purposes-how medical marijuana will help a patient feel better. This is also where medical marijuana dispensaries come into the equation. A doctor can trust that a BC bud depot has the highest degree of professionalism, quality and knowledge about their products to be able to help a patient seeking pain relief.

In Canada, a patient can walk into any medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver or browse online for an authorized BC bud depot to find a location to buy weed online. The patient simply has to provide a legitimate prescription for marijuana or other painkillers, and they can legally have access to regulated, quality medical marijuana.

In the near future, decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes might also be in the cards. The current Liberal government has formed a Task Force with the mandate to formulate a strategy to legalize and regulate marijuana for this purpose. Important lessons are being learned from the experience in states south of the border, like Colorado and Washington. The voices of physicians and lawmakers concerned about situations such as driving high are being heard, but with marijuana being one of the least addictive mind-altering substances (when compared to the already legal tobacco, alcohol and other painkillers, for example) and one that has medicinal benefits and the potential for increased tax revenues, the steps to legalize and regulate it may not be very far away.

With BC bud depots using the highest standards in quality, and several more states south of the border approving legalization of marijuana, it’s only a matter of time before the government sees all the positive impact legalization can have.

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