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Buying Products Online

A guide to buying the best products for you!

It can be overwhelming buying products online. Its tricky if your new to smoking or vaping or even edibles. I want to break down some basic tips to helping you buy the best product for yourself. either its for a fun weekend out or for medical purposes.

To help you shop better you should understand the basic compounds of cannabis, THC and CBD! Each compound has different effects on the body and mind.  if this is your medicine, I always recommend trying an option of straight THC strains, straight CBD and equal THC to CBD strains because they affect everybody differently this makes it a trial and error when find what works best for you.

Some of the things that THC can help are

  • Nausea, vomiting, loss of apatite
  • Can help reduce cardiovascular disease
  • Pain management, for people with MS or chronic joint pain
  • Seizures and epilepsy, help brain health and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Insomnia, sleeping disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Much more

Why I recommend starting with equal THC and CBD is because they go better together, the CBD helps activate the THC and vise versa.  Just like the list above CBD helps with all those things and more. If you have a specific issue your trying to target do some personal research, get a note book and write down the effects of each strain the name and if its high in THC or CBD. Once you have a little note book of what has worked and hasn’t worked it’ll make it easier to shop as well.  Please keep in mind that sometimes people/patients with mental health can have negative effects when dealing with high dosages of THC. Because it’s a Psychoactive, it can take those negative effects of an anxious person and multiple it by a hundred or set you into a state of psychosis. If this ever happens, we can fix the problem with little CBD! CBD is an anti-psychoactive and cancels out those crazy paranoid feelings.

CBD is used to help lots of conditions such as, (some of the conditions on this list are the same as the list above because again the work better together or in some cases just the THC helps and CBD doesn’t or just CBD helps while THC doesn’t. each person is different)

  • Seizures, epilepsy
  • Inflammation, pain
  • psychosis or mental disorders, depression, anxiety
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • nausea, sickness from chemotherapy
  • migraines

So now that we understand the two main chemical compounds a bit better the next factor you need to think about is do you want a lazy high or an energetic dance all day high! Knowing the difference between Indica bud and sativa bud will also save you some time and trouble. My favourite way to remember and inform people about it is: Indica is in-da couch this is a lazy more relaxed ready to munch out and watch movies kind of high, while Sativa is Sunshine your happy and energetic and awake with the sun.   there is nothing worse then smoking the wrong bud before bed. If you need to sleep smoke a heavy Indica and you will pass out within 20 or so minutes but if you accidently smoke sativa when your trying to sleep you will be awake for another few hours, easily. Just laying in bed day dreaming about sleep. Now let’s start with the basics, weed, flower, bud, good old ganja!

Now picking out what bud to buy!

On our site we have lots to pick from so it does and can get overwhelming. Sometimes I get anxious just picking out bud to order. But we have it all categorized to make it easier for you, all you have to do is pick if you want an Indica, sativa, hybrid or high CBD, we even have a section for our organic bud. Now the choice is up to you. Depending on what type of high your looking for will also determined the bud you should get but why not have some of each. Little sativa for your wake n bake sessions a hybrid to keep you floating through out the day and a Indica to put your sweet stoner ass to sleep.


Edibles are exciting!

The world of cannabis infused food and drinks is constantly growing! Picking one special treat is also tricky because well I want to eat everything, I’m constantly shocked when we get new goodies in like recently, we started caring a medicated milkshake mix! Are you for real, a ganja milkshake! When you want to mess around with cannabis infused food there is a few things you need to keep in mind. You may be a chronic stoner and have been heavy blazing since you were young and think you can handle the 175 mg chocolate bar but 30 minutes later and it starts to kick in and you have completed melted into the couch! Edibles take longer to kick in but have stronger effects due to the way it goes through your body and system. We can’t stress this enough start low and go slow. Meaning start with low dosages and take your time. Finding the perfect edible for you comes down to a few things. What are you craving, baked goodies, chocolate, infused drinks, gummies? What dosages works best for you, try starting with something like our Baked Edibles oatmeal chocolate chip cookie at 15MG, this is a great dose for somebody new to the infused munchie world. Slowly work your way up to something crazy like the Hi-Fud peanut butter crunch bites at 200MG. again try to write down the dose and how long it took to start feeling the floaty calm effects from your brownie, gummy, or even milkshake and then that also gives you a personal guide to what works best for you.



For the heavy chronic stoners, a lot of them have turned to stronger concentrated version of there favourite strains and bud. I personally love a good wax or budder and live resin is my favourite because I like the smooth smoke from them. There are a few different ways to extract the awesome compounds from the plants to turn them in to things like Oils, wax, shatter (dabs), live resin, hash, tinctures even. Each is stronger then just bud so be careful and be ready to be high! Just like your flower, you will have Indica, sativa and hybrid strains of concentrates. One of the more popular concentrates is shatter, also known as dabs, it’s a glass like piece of wax with very strong probertites. Shatter is known to be one of the cleanest and purest concentrate usually clear to a rich amber color, depending on how the company makes and extracts the compounds. Another super popular concentrate is distillate this is a rich oil that can be used in vape pen cartridges. Making it mobile and easier to smoke then shatter, which calls for a dab rig (it’s a bong with a special bowl) and a torch. Having a vape pen with the perfect temperature for your concentrates is a lot handier. I have taken little disposable vape pens to concerts and other outdoor events. When your looking at buying any kind of concentrate investigate the strain and how it was extracted. I personally would recommend you start with something like a live resin or budder and work your way to shatter and then the 99% distillate.  you don’t need to take as big as a hit as you would with your bong and flower a small sliver or ‘dab’ of any concentrate will do the trick. Another great thing about concentrates is you can get them as pure CBD or THC. Like the phoenix tears CBD is great to help people with chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy and much more. I also think when you want to start messing around with concentrates have a veteran stoner with you. Somebody who wouldn’t be scared to turn the torch on and heat up the bucket and use the carp cap. cause the first few times I was scared shitless to do it, I had to have a friend help me. But also, you can put a few crumbs of any concentrate on top of a bong or pipe bowl with flower. Like a little extra sprinkle on your cake.

I hope this has made it a bit easier to pick something off the site to order. Stay medicated 😊

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