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What To Do With Your Disappointing Weed

You just got your order of weed from the online cannabis dispensary, you open that package up and your a little surprised that it doesn’t fill the room with that aroma you were hoping for. Whatever you wave it off, after you roll that joint you couldn’t be more excited to light It up and smoke it – time passes and you realize that the weed you bought is simply not as strong as you hoped.

It doesn’t matter how often you purchase cannabis it can happen to all of us, however with the right approach you can be sure that even the most disappointing weed can be turned around to live up to your expectations.

Please do be aware that we do not advise smoking any marijuana that may have mold or mildew, your health should always come first. It is however completely fine to smoke weed that may simply be dry, stale or simply a little less powerful than you’ve hoped.

Maybe you have just recently found yourself in this situation where your bud has not lived up to your expectations and you want to know what’s the best thing you can do to fully enjoy it? Keep reading this article as we will share exactly what we would do if we were to find ourselves in your situation!

Try Smoking It Another Way

Sometimes simply smoking bud in a different way can be all that’s needed to get a much better high out of your bud.

Maybe you don’t have second grade bud and all that is required is that you smoke it out of a pipe or bong to get a much better high. I can count endless times that I did not enjoy a high or I got a very minimal high because I smoked from a joint that wasn’t rolled correctly.

Take advantage by using all the tools that are available to you and experiment with your weed by using bongs, vaporizers, pipes, bubblers and all the other amazing weed smoking tools that are available to you!

Our personal recommendation if you really aren’t feeling much of a high from your bud is to smoke it out of a bong, smoking out of a bong can help make the smoke much smoother and allow it to hit you a lot harder than other smoking methods. This is simply because you aren’t smoking all the contaminants from a joint or dealing with the harsh smoke from a pipe.

Mix Your Weed Up With Some Powerful CBD

"A container holding CBD isolate"

Believe us when we say this but it can get annoying when you keep hearing that CBD is the best thing ever and that it can do anything. Recently CBD has taken over headlines and its getting way more attention than it ever did in the past.

The attention that CBD is getting is definitely well deserved because it does have some amazing qualities, asides from its unrivalled medical benefits CBD can also help turn around a bud that brings our your inner anxious paranoid smoker.

CBD can be an excellent solution for those who have found an excellent strain that smokes well, tastes great but unfortunately makes them very paranoid.

How can you do this? All you need to do is simply mix this strain along with some CBD and it can actually help counteract the feeling of paranoia that you may be having. It is really as simple as taking some bud and throwing some CBD in the bowl or joint that you are smoking.

Another question that you probably have now is that can CBD undo the anxious side effects that THC can sometimes bring along with it. You have to be aware that its not just the cannabinoid content that impacts your high and that terpenes play a major role too.

If you find that you are not particularly enjoying the high that a certain bud brings you should really look into mixing it up with another bud that smells completely different. By doing this you may create a mixed effect between the buds that will give you the high that you desired fro the beginning.

These solutions are definitely a great simple way for you to enjoy the cannabis you purchased without putting in too much work, but if you are looking for a more creative way to enjoy your bud you should definitely keep reading because it only gets better from here on out!

Eat Your Weed, Yes We Mean Really Eat It!

One thing you may have realized is that many cannabis companies aren’t using their highest quality buds to make concentrate products such as edibles, cannabis oils, and extracts such as shatter.

So what are they doing when they make these products? The better question to ask is what buds are they using when they make these products, the answer to this question is that they are using their secondary grade cannabis.

If they are using their secondary buds on these products what’s holding you back from doing so? So if you have a strain that simply isn’t living up to your expectations you might as well decide to cook with it and make something delicious.

It can be very beneficial or just ok when you decide to home cook your cannabis because it won’t possess the same qualities as simply smoking your cannabis. This is because your cannabis will be consumed rather than smoked and that’s why the effects will be very different. 

You won’t know what effect to expect from your cannabis until you really decide to take the leap and cook with your cannabis. Some common ways that people cook with their cannabis are making cannabutter, while canna butter is a great solution you should also look into infusing it with coconut and olive oils.

It doesn’t stop there, you can even make cannabis tea, firecrackers and even a full turkey dinner meal. The internet has endless potential for what you can do with your second grade bud so what’s holding you back from trying something new today? The bets thing is that you can even Freeze Your Pot Brownies for the future so you dont have to smoke or eat all your weed at once.

Our team at gold buds is going to compile a list of blogs that are dedicated to cooking with marijuana, so if you are interested in learning how you can get the full enjoyment out of your weed you should definitely check back into our blog frequently to try out some of the recipes we will lay out for you!

Soak In Your Weed, AKA Apply It Onto Yourself

"cream that was made from cannabis in a jar"

Maybe everything that we have discussed in this article didn’t really appeal to you or perhaps you tried cooking with your weed and it simply didn’t turn out the way you intended, what can you do if you still want to find a way to enjoy your bud?

The final solution that we have for you is to create that oil from the bud anyways but instead of ingesting it you should apply it onto yourself like a cream or lotion. Doing this will likely not get you high but it can be a great solution to help relieve any inflammation or paint that you may be having.

Going back to cooking with cannabis this is why we would recommend cooking with olive oil or coconut oil as these oils are generally much better to apply onto your skin rather than applying canna butter onto yourself.

You can further enjoy your cannabis extract when it is turned into coconut or olive oil by pouring it into a bath, using it as an essential oil in your diffuser or by taking the chance to try it out anything else that your mind can come to!

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