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Purple Kush VS Purple God, Which Indica Is The Best?

Our team at Goldbuds is a huge fan of both of these indica dominant strains but we do understand that you may be caught in the same decision paralysis of which bud you should restock?

The answer can be as simple as deciding what your looking to get out of the strains you will be smoking. If you are hoping to get a more energetic head high which can help you focus on the work you have ahead of you, then we would definitely choose Purple God. In the case that you are looking for a more relaxing body high then we would point you in the direction of the Purple Kush strain.

You can check out Purple Kush online or Purple God online at our website when you have made your decision on which bud seems best for you!

Breakdown on Indica and Sativa strains:

Strains are classified according to their origin, effects, and composition. Mainly categorized as Sativa and indica, both compounds have a different effect on individuals using it. If a user is looking for a cerebral and a high which keeps you on your feet a sativa strain is the right choice. Indica strains are best known for zoning out alone or chilling out with friends at home. In simple words sativa cerebral sensations best for times where you need to be awake and focused, Indica’s have more of a body high effect with an increase in appetite and a sense of relief.

Some factors define the effect of a certain strain such as chemical profile, dose and consumption method. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are content of strains which majorly define the effect of a certain strain. The effect of the strain varies from person to person and product to product. Chemical composition of the strains is generally categorized as THC dominant, CBD dominant or balanced THC-CBD largely known as hybrid. THC provides more euphoric effects which help to relax and CBD has more cerebral effects which help to focus.

Purple kush and Purple GOD are well-known strains. In this article, we will discuss the origins of the strains along chemical composition, pricing and the effect of the strains. Both the strains have short and dense plants and cultivated buds produce high resin. The quantity of sticky resin produced the buds sometimes defines the quality and use of the harvest.

If you are looking for a great sativa strain instead of a powerful indica you should check out the newest addition to our collection, we just added red congolese to our shop and you can read our review on red congolese strain here

Purple kush Strain Summary:

"Close up image shot go purple kush"

Purple Kush was selected amongst the top ten kush by high time magazine in 2016. Purple kush as the name depicts is a visual treat and a diverse mix of colors, flavors, and effects. Purple kush is Californian pure indica a cross of hindu kush and Afghani purple. Purple kush is best produced in cold climate areas and majorly requires temperature ranging from 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity ranging from 60% to 65%. The unique process is followed by harvesters to keep those visually sticking purple shades of the bud. Purple kush can be cultivated indoors and outdoors as well the only key element of good produce is a controlled environment. In a few cases, the indoor harvest has been more productive than outdoor harvests.

A unique blend of tastes and keeps on changing at every puff of Purple Kush when you smoke. Inhaling purple kush introduces users with heavy earthy flavor and upon exhaling user experiences a fruity flavor. Mostly the exhaling flavor is compared to of grape aroma and sweet dessert wine. Purple kush is high in sticky resin-like it’s parent Afghani kush which makes it more potent.

You can expect to have a zoned and euphoric effect when smoking purple kush, many people use it to deal with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Purple kush has a THC composition ranging from 17% to 27%. It is commonly known to have more direct effects over users that bring users immediate anatomical relaxation, purple kush generally doesn’t have psychological effects but physiological effects are more dominated. Psychological effects are more of a delusional or distorted nature rather than cerebral. Users are most likely to enjoy a calm environment where they do not need to have focus but a zone. Purple kush significantly decrees hyper activities and indulges users with more of calm composure for personal time or pleasure. Did you know that purple kush also has many medicinal attributes inclusive of pain relief, muscle relaxations and stress relief. Pain relief is the attribute that is most effective in pains because of physical fatigue and chronic pain. Purple kush is also been identifies as a pain relief medication for cancer patients as well who suffer neural pain because of decease and treatments. If your an insomniac this gets even better because Manu users have reported using purple kush to deal with their insomnia as well. Purple kush has a very quick response time and the duration of the effects is measured between two to three hours for an average dose for an average individual. some cons of purple kush are dry mouth and extreme munchies.

Purple kush generally contains 18% to 22% and CBD level 0.1%. The price range is dependent on breeder, region, and quality of the effects. It is available on medical facilities in the regions where medical strains are legal. In general price depending on mentioned factors ranges from 5 USD/gram to 25 USD/gram.

Purple god Strain Summary:

"Close up image shot of purple god nug"

Purple god is often considered as Canadian origin, is a hybrid of GOD, Hawaiian and Purple skunk. Purple shades and hint of orange fibers make the strain vibrant and visually diverse. The substance has strong earthy and pungent flavors. Indica dominant strain has diverse attributes of flavors and effects. This strain is often known as a heavenly and one-hitter quitter product by users. This strain is widely considered as an organic alternative to synthetic antidepressants.

The process of growing purple god requires cold climates temperature ranging from 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity ranging from 60% to 65%. This strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors as well. Indoor cultivation requires high end controlled environment. This strain is high in sticky resin and very effective for other medicinal products as well.

When smoking purple god you can expect strong earthy flavor and like other indica dominant strains, it has more physiological effects. This strain has euphoria effect and significantly rings creative buds. Post-trauma sleeping disorders (PTSD) are also successfully treated through the medical use of this strain. Purple god is hugely esteemed by anxiety patients and also by individuals suffering from chronic pains. This specific strain is also popular among patients of muscle spasms and neural disorders. This strain contains 24% to 31% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 0.5% to 1.0% Cannabidiol (CBD). This strain is highly beneficial for a lack of appetite and anatomical anomalies.

You can be sure that smoking purple god is a unique experience at every step of consumption it also has immediate effects on users. The major factors defining the effects of the kush are the amount of dosage, capacity or level of user and the purpose of usage. It has an immediate effect and it effects anatomically rather cerebrally providing the user with immediate physical sensations. Beery lavender and pine are few flavors that can be enjoyed alongside strong earthy flavors as a result of different yields from various breeders.

Purple god is a mix with 80% indica and 20% sativa ratio has been known as giving moderate physical sensation and getting the user to spiritual or private zone. The user will experience physical sensations with euphoric boosts and gradually losing the focus and entering into the zone. The user will initially experience body tingles and gradually the physical relaxation will take over. This vary strain is a better solution for sleep and dietary disorders. Users have experienced better sleep and better appetite after the use of the strain. This bud is not recommended for day time use this is mostly recommended for night time where you are looking for a zoned-out rest or weekends for blissful feelings. Purple god has an immediate effect which gradually increases. The response time of intake can be from 5 minutes to ten minutes and further, the experience can go to two to three hours in general.

Some common cons that are associated with smoking purple god strain are dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and sometimes paranoid and anxious behavior. Users who are not regular can suffer extreme dizziness and can identify the experience as the paranormal anxious zone.

The price range on purple god varies and depends on factors as the origin of strain, THC levels, CBD levels and shelve of a breeder. The general price range of strain containing up to 24% THC and 0.5% CBD levels is varied from 6 USD/ gram to 9 USD/gram. The strain containing THC level ranging from 24% to 31% and 1.0% CBD can cost 9 USD/gram to 12 USD/gram. The top shelve breed of purple god 80:20 indica and sativa ratio is priced from 12 USD/gram to 20 USD/gram.

Our Conclusion, Which Bud Is The Best Bud?

Both Purple kush and Purple God are both indica dominant herbs and widely used for physical relaxation and dealing with chronicle anomalies. Both strains have high anatomical effects and users are found to be very content with the results of both strains. Purple god is a compound which is more effective for physical disorder related to physical and mental connections. Purple kush is more utilized for physical sensations and anomalies. Cultivating both the strains requires a low in temperature environment. The environments in which the strains are cultivated can majorly affect the values of THC and CBD thus affecting the quality of the product. The vibrant colors and range of effects have made these strains significantly popular among users. Both products can adequately cater to the need of required high of a user alongside physiological psychological urges. Like every other bud both the strains do hit the nervous systems but in context to triggering nerves to achieve anatomical relaxation.  

There is no simple answer to which bud is the best bud, if you are looking for more of a relaxed body high we would highly recommend choosing purple kush and if you are looking to experience a more head high then purple god is the way to go!

You can check out these buds on our website by visiting our bud shopping page here 


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