Gummies THC

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Goldbuds gummies THC selection is the best in Canada and being one of the most reliable online dispensaries we are here to help.

Gummies THC

Online, marijuana gummies and other cannabis edibles are available. As you chew on these chewy, sweet treats, you can feel like a child all over again. It appears they are dangerous if overdosed, even though they do not taste like cannabis.

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Cannabis-based candy is among the best in the industry and has a worldwide rating of 5 out of 5. Chocolate-based edibles containing marijuana have become a popular trend in Canada’s cannabis community. Smooth and milky in flavour, they rival gummy bears. Due to melting during shipping, these items frequently disappear during the summer.

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Chocolate and gummies are Goldbuds customers’ favorite types of edibles. There is a wide selection of these products available in our online store so you can select the most appropriate one. Considering their size and longer delivery time, these are typically very competitively priced, since they are mass produced.

In Canada, online dispensaries offer the best selection of edibles over storefronts, so we recommend ordering edibles from a dispensary online. 

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Twisted Extracts – Mango THC

A delicious, sweet & tangy treat, the Mango Jelly Bomb from Twisted Extracts is sure to please. There are eight cube-shaped units in each jelly delicacy, each containing 10mg of THC as a total. Those who are looking for something that allows appropriate dosing and is easier to use will find this product useful. Having a high sativa content, you can expect nothing less than a long-lasting energy boost and tension relief.

gummies thc


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