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Cannabis and Mental Health

Mental health awareness day was the other week so I thought this would be a good time to write about a few helpful strains that can help with mental health. Before you start toking for any kind of condition or ailment you should understand your ailment or condition, if you are going to use cannabis to self-medicate anxiety or depression or any other mental health sickness please understand the basics of that ailment. Knowing yourself and your sickness if really the first start to helping and using marijuana and a medicine. You also need to know the basics of marijuana. The two basic compounds being THC and CBD, depending on your condition you may want just a THC strain, a CBD strain or even an equal THC to CBD strain. Also knowing the difference between an indica and sativa, the best way I like to describe them is indica, in-da couch, this is your lazy bud, couch locked and completely relaxed. Sativa, sunshine, this is the energetic, euphoric, and usually the get up and get it done plant.

Moderation is key when smoking for mental health because THC is a psychoactive it can easily take a person with anxiety into a state of extreme psychosis and panic. Physcosis is a break from reality and it can make this person feel paranoid and scared and in worst cases it can cause people to hallucinate. Each person reacts differently to marijuana, I have friends who can and do smoke for mental health conditions and it helps wonders, as well as friends who smoke and go right into a panic and it’s not for them. Depending on the person it can either help or worsen your condition. I believe the best place to start when exploring strains and this alternative medicine is with a one to one strain or a high CBD strain. For example the company Miss Envy has a few oral tinctures that are equal CBD to THC or high CBD. I like the idea of the tinctures because if you’re out and feeling overwhelmed but can’t get away to smoke, you can At least take a few drops of the tincture under your tongue and start feeling relief right away. However at the same time THC has been known to work very well for people with anxiety and has helped. The reason cbd works so well with anxiety patients is because CBD is an anti-psychoactive. Therefore it will cancel any feelings of anxiousness and uneasy panic. Always keep that in mind if you do smoke a strain that is high thc and you start to fell off smoke a cbd strain or keep a cbd tincture, capsule or even edible nearby But like mentioned before everybody reacts differently so keep in mind if it’s your first time using any CBD or THC products to go slow, and small amounts. One great strain to crush any anxious feelings is the Oregon golden goat we have for sale. It’s a great fruity flavour with a creative, euphoric, optimistic and calming effects. It’s a sativa dominate hybrid strain, usually with a higher THC percentage however it’s helped many people specially with anxiety and depression, because it is so high in THC I recommend only smoking a small amount at a time of this strain or it may make you very paranoid. You may also want to consider CBD capsules, or even an infused green tea. Sometimes using edibles or tinctures can be a bit more effective for patients dealing with mental health. The body high can be more uplifting and make you want to go for a walk or go out and explore this is helpful for anybody who is dealing with depression.

I am member of an all-girl stoner Facebook group and I managed to do a little survey with 50 people, I asked the following questions about mental health and smoking and these are the results and comments I got back. How often do you smoke for your condition? “On an average of twice a day if my anxiety is really bad it could be four times” – a.g. The majority of the group smoke between 2-4 times a days for their conditions. Are you a chronic, Do you ever take breaks? 80% said they were chronic and smoke daily and have been for years. I do smoke everyday but I do like taking tolerance breaks every now and then because you end up feeling foggy and sometimes it can put you into a deeper state of depression” – said one girl. And I really don’t disagree. As much as I believe in the powers of this beautiful plant it doesn’t mean that it is a permanent fix for your mental health. Smoking or consuming cannabis for mental health is more of a fix for the moment and you should also look into other ways to help yourself. What are some of the pros of smoking with your condition? Majority of the girls I talked to deal with anxiety and panic attacks that then brings on the depression so smoking for most of them means a temporary solution where they feel level headed and calm enough to proceed with their day. What are the cons? The typical answer I got back was after smoking nonstop are as follows; the medical effects don’t seem to have the same results and therefore you end up needing to smoke more, or if you got a mislabelled strain and smoked too much THC and had an even worse panic attack. Other girls said to heavy of indicas can cause them to be more depressed and it doesn’t help. What do you prefer THC or cbd, flower or edibles, how about concentrates? The girls dealing with anxiety preferred CBD and edibles usually and the girls with depression would prefer THC or an equal THC to CBD and liked the concentrates, with the group of girls I talked to it seemed that the majority of them have been smoking since young and have been self-medicating without realizing it, and a lot of the chronic smokers now like concentrates and don’t even touch flower.

What’s your best advice for people with undiagnosed conditions and trying to self-medicate with marijuana? Knowledge and moderation!! Always keep learning, this is a new and growing industry new research is always coming out stay on top of it! Start slow and low. You wouldn’t go to a Doctor and get the strongest and highest prescription right off the bat. You need to learn where your tolerance is how much is too much, and what’s the perfect balance.


Thank you for reading I hope this helped you or a loved one out.

Always take care of yourself and stay medicated.


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