Mail Order Marijuana

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Mail order marijuana

The best quality strains. Many more popular strains are available from us. Things like Wedding Cake, Dopamine, White Widow all grown in BC. Canadian’s know that BC weed is infamously the best online dispensary in Canada. 

Mail Order Marijuana: Who’s got the best?

You will be buying dried mail order marijuana if you buy weed online in Ontario, Newfoundland, Northwest Territory, or Alberta.We have an array of strains that will allow you to feel uplifted and relieved, and gain energy.

Discreet Online Weed Online Shipping

We offer discreet and fast shipping across Canada at Goldbuds online dispensary. In order to make sure packages arrive on time and are accountable, we use Canada Post. 

In order for our customers to know exactly when their products will arrive from a mail order marijuana company, we provide tracking numbers for each package and free shipping for orders over $150. In order to maintain our customers’ privacy, we package and bill our products in a discreet manner as standards for buying weed online. With us, no one has to know you’re looking to order marijuana online.

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The Best Customer Service & Marijuana Product Knowledge

Whenever you have a question or concerns about weed online in Canada, the Goldbuds customer service team is there to help and give you the highest quality service. Any problem you may have will be handled by our experienced team, and we will do our utmost to ensure that you have a positive experience. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Cannabis Legalization in Canada

From 1923 until 2000, mail order marijuana was illegal in Canada and was banned as a psychoactive intoxicant. Parliament passed Bill C-45, the Quality Cannabis Act, on 17 October 2018, legalizing and regulating recreational premium quality cannabis use. Most Canadians supported legalization, despite health concerns, especially concerning youth, and concerns about addiction.


mail order marijuana

History of Cannabis Prohibition in Canada

A law prohibiting the improper use of Opium and other drugs was passed by Prime Minister Mackenzie King in 1923, adding Medical marijuana to the list of prohibited substances. A new law, enacted several years ago, combines a number of drug laws. As a result of a late addition to a draft bill, cannabis is listed with opium, heroin and cocaine as prohibited drugs.

Parliament was not discussing cannabis prohibition, and lawmakers had little knowledge about cannabis. In 1920, Maclean’s magazine published a series of articles outlining the evils of drug trade that did not mention cannabis.

Hash: How Is It Produced?

Cannabis concentrates are available today in a wide variety. There are many varieties of cannabis concentrates and you probably have your own favourite. Cannabis oil, shatter, crumble, batter, Rick Simpson Oil and Butane Honey Oil are all different variations of the same theme. Nevertheless, many people will remember the days when one had to choose between weed or hash. 

Hash, how does it compare to other cannabis concentrates and what is its potency?

Canada Growing

Marijuana products of good quality usually has a stronger effect than the plant from which it was derived.

The cannabis plant that hash comes from is a concentrated form. Many countries produced cannabis products primarily due to the low THC content of outdoor cannabis grown on the local scale.

Online Marijuana Dispensary Guide For Beginners On Edibles

  •  Slowly, slowly. Weed Edibles made with marijuana tend to be tasty. Especially when it comes to little gummies and chocolates, you’ll want more than just one or two. 
  • Too much too soon will cause you pain. In the absence of discipline, edibles can be easily overdosed. In most cases, cannabis edibles won’t kick in until 30 to two hours after ingestion.
  • You want to wait for a piece to produce results before thinking of another one, because your body fat and metabolism determine your results.
  • Your digestive process involves more than just cannabis edibles. Take into account everything you’ve eaten so far. The process will be slowed by fatty foods, and accelerated by an empty stomach.
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