Medical Cannabis Online


Medical cannabis online

A customer can find the answers they need on medical marijuana with Goldbuds, whether they need information about medical cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates, or anything else.


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or tenth order with us; we have the experience and knowledge to help you. Goldbuds offers excellent cannabis products at low prices to its customers.

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Goldbuds mission statement is simple to me because I have been actively partnering with medical cannabis online dispensaries online since 2008. Our products include quality cannabis as well as oils, extracts, topicals, edibles, and accessories of the highest quality.

It is our goal to make cannabis legal available across Canada, and we are especially supportive of legalizing medical marijuana in Canada and believe every Canadian of legal age should have access and the ability to shop Cannabis products online.

Medical Cannabis Online

Safe And Secure

When you buy medical cannabis from us, rest assured its convenient and you will enjoy complete privacy and security. We offer complete protection for our clients through a team of professionals who work around the clock for us.

We regularly purge sensitive data from offshore servers for security reasons. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.

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Ordering from Goldbuds

When to decide to purchase cannabis from the Goldbuds website check out our menu and see how easy the process is once you verify you age limit. Check out the good price products.


10+ Years Experience In Medical Marijuana

In 2011, Goldbuds began selling in-store and online medical and recreational cannabis. By providing the best service, we aim to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. 

Only our dispensaries offer 24/7 email chat as a means of customer support, ensuring the highest level of service to our customers. Our commitment to reliability is paramount.

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Over $150, get free shipping

Free shipping is available on orders over $150. Our medical cannabis delivery service in Canada is the fastest in the country. Our tracking number will be available 0-24 hours after we have received your order.


Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids Differences

Whenever you search for marijuana, you will often come across hybrid strains. Knowing the types of smoke is helpful when you smoke.

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Several medical cannabis strains are combined to create hybrids. Various medical marijuana strains are combined to form a hybrid strain which can combine both sativa and indica qualities.

A medical marijuana online business offers an interesting market opportunity because of the medicinal potential of cannabis. Consumers can experience both relaxation and euphoria with a hybrid strain, for example. CBD and THC can both be present in a cross between an indica and a sativa strain.

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