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Online Cannabis Dispensary

We deliver fresh buds fresh from the best growers in BC and the Canadian coast, Unlike other cannabis dispensaries in Canada. 

Best Growers

Our product is produced by top growers who use mostly organic ingredients and only high quality safe nutrients, With no chemicals being used in the drying process. Your cannabis purchase can be traced from seed to store.

Quality of Products

This makes it the best product for our customers. As a result, the smell, the appearance, and the smoking experience are pleasant when you choose Goldbuds as your preferred online dispensary Canada.

Goldbuds Loyalty Statement

The Goldbuds loyalty statement has always been simple from 2008-2016. In the cannabis community, we have been very active in Canada. 

Security & Privacy

We are very dedicated to protecting your privacy and security when you purchase cannabis through us. We provide round-the-clock security for our clients.

Off Shore Security

The data on our offshore servers is regularly cleaned out for security reasons. Our staff will be able to answer your questions if you have any.

Goldbuds Is Trusted In Canada for 10+ Years

Goldbuds online dispensary has been providing cannabis products for medical and recreational use since 2011. 

Choosing Your Products With Us

The service we offer to our customers is of the highest quality in order to ensure their satisfaction, Feel free to reach out if you have any customer service or cannabis products.

Customer Experience

In addition to 24/7 email, We are the only dispensary that offers customers a premium customer service experience. Integrity is important to us.

Free Shipping

 Orders over $150 are eligible for free delivery. The fastest delivery you will see in Canada with us when you order cannabis with us.  Less than 24 hours after ordering, tracking numbers will be provided.

Express Shipping

Express shipping is important when you shop with Goldbuds, It could mean you getting your package next week or the next day. Many products need to be kept at a perfect temperature.

Reliable Payment Options

Choosing a mail order marijuana dispensary is important as many can be misleading, As there are many companies accepting crypto payments that are difficult to trace and lead customers open to being ripped off . E Transfer has always been the best option for payment as it is the safest and best online payment option used across Canada. 

History Of the Online Dispensary Canada

 Weed online wasn’t always a thing, The online dispensary only really started becoming a thing after the rise of the .com era. Around 2008 despite the legal scope of recreational and medical marijuana movement in Canada the shipping of edibles, concentrates, indica, sativa, hybrid strain products was on the rise.

The First Dispensaries

As early as 2005 some of the first online marijuana dispensary were popping up. Catered to medicinal patients only customers had to verify an illness and need for the cannabis products. As well mail delivery was much more risky and took a lot longer, Express shipping with fast parcels was never an option for customers.

How To Shop Before

Having to go and view your weed online then call a private number it wasn’t easy, You just press a button and cart no products,The price for the average sativa, indica and hybrid was around $30.00 a gram too.

Medicinal Challenges

Very hefty price for a medicinal user, Many times you would not be able to chose the strain, It was simply, Indica, Sativa or Hybrid thats it.

Old Pricing Era

Edibles and concentrates were asking top price then too, $40.00 a gram for most hybrid hash strain and e transfer wasnt an option. You had to send cash by mail to a PO Box and pay as high as $15.00 each way for shipping. This made it a nightmare to shop for medicinal patients.

The Dawn of The Modern Online Marijuana Dispensary

The battle to be the best started to emerge from the darkness of Canada underworld. Gone are the days of 2 way $15.00 shipping. Free shipping and Canada Post made it great for customer satisfaction. Around 2012 the average mail order online dispensary Canada had a variety of products Sativa, Edibles, Hybrid, Indica and every strain you could imagine. Everything from $5.00 grams up to $15.00 insane quality weed strains were available for mail order.

Free shipping

Free products, Free shipping, Lots of cheap items for sale and unlimited strain. The sale of sativa, indica and hybrid weed had become a buyers market.

The New Landscape

The landscape of weed online in Canada had changes forever. Mail order marijuana for medical users was over, Best price and quality for sale had made it a battle to be the best. Having 1 sativa and 1 indica strain was no longer competitive. Now customers can put products in the cart and smoke them within 1-3 days. With free delivery.

The New Customer Service

Buy weed online has made it great for customer satisfaction, With top level customer support being offered by Goldbuds, There is no doubt when you buy weed online you are dealing with one of the best online dispensary in Canada. Customer services is top level.

Weed Online: Great Buds, Edibles, and More

On our online store, we offer more than 30 marijuana strains that are well known, along with many other products, and we offer ounces starting from $89, as well as new types.

Anytime support

Support for our customers is important, Whether you buy at 2am or 2pm we are here to help our customers shop at all hours of the day. Buy anytime and we are here to help you out. Just email us!

Amount To Use

To get the best possible results, be sure to properly measure your cannabis products when buying from a storefront or best online dispensary. Don’t mess with edibles! Those who are new to cannabis can get information about dosage from us.

Shopping At Goldbuds

Our store offers a range of products containing THC and Cannabinoids. Goldbuds cannabis dispensary offers the best cannabis, concentrates, extracts, hash, edibles, and vapes at the best prices. 

Top quality Strains

We make sure that we bring you the finest cannabis strains on the market as one of our top priorities. Updated weekly we bring some of the best items available, Constantly renewing our inventory allows you to have a new selection each week.

Selection of different types

Goldbuds online dispensary in Canada has the best sativa strains and hybrid strains for when you order weed and are the best quality, Our weed edibles are also top tier and free express shipping makes it easier to order weed. From top brands like King Louis and Mota we provide some of the most well known vendors of edibles and gummies available.


Your Privacy Is Our Priority 

Customer support and Security are priority. No information about you will be shared with anyone. Payments are processed using an encrypted email with SSL certificates and PCI compliance. After each order your payment info is destroyed on our end.

Different Strains: CBD and THC 

We will begin by discussing the differences between plants. These two species of Goldbuds belong to the same genus, so they share many characteristics. 


Pain relief, sedation, and stimulation of appetite have all been associated with indica strains. Limited evidence, however, does not support these effects, so they shouldn’t be categorized as such. 

Different sizes

Physicochemically, the plants differ slightly. Shorter plants with bushier appearances usually have darker green, wider leaves.

Growing and size

Generally, Sativa plants have leaves that are lighter green and thinner, and they are tall and thin. 


Buying From Online dispensary Vs Storefronts

Stores like these don’t place a high priority on quality. In all likelihood, they are selling synthetic additives to lubricants that don’t meet the tests. CBD oils tend to be expensive products that are not worth the cost.

Weed Online Purchasing

A CBD dispensary provides many benefits when it comes to CBD shopping. In order to start, you will have to select your ideal product from among dozens of different brands based on your preferences and needs. Further, before you make a purchase, you can learn more about the product. Reputable companies always disclose the source of CBD. 


In addition, CBD users frequently write product reviews. Reading the testimonials will also give you an idea of what to expect. 


In order to make the right decision when shopping for CBD products online, customers should learn more about them first. It’s for this reason they ensure that all their products are pure and potent, and will be transparent about what they offer.

Weed Edible Effects

Weed edibles can come in sativa, indica varieties. Weed when consumed orally can be many times more powerful and long lasting. Free feeling of bliss comes from edibles, Light body high and great for pain.

Sativa Edibles

Sativa strains make the best edibles when you buy weed online as they are a very light and free high weed high, Being good for day use they do not have the same sleepiness associated with other types of weed even some hybrid strains can be too relaxing to start at 10am.

Canada History With Marijuana

Marijuana has been an important part of history in Canada, From the hippy era in the 1960s Canada has always been a pioneer in marijuana use.

1960s Marijuana

The option to buy from a marijuana dispensary was not available in the 1960s. All quality cannabis buying was made from a local dealer, From dial a dope phone with no customer service to the corner and beach dealers. 


Most marijuana strains available before weed online was a thing were indica strains, With low amounts of thc and quality bud strains were bred for high yield and not quality.

Where Did It Come From Before The Online Dispensary Canada was created

Most cannabis came from outside of Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South America is where the majority of the flower was grown and put to package to be sent for delivery to Canada.

Customer service was at its lowest and the price for bud was quite high for what you got.

Hash and Oil

The hash and oil trade was popular, Hash and oil being grown and produced mostly in the middle east there wasn’t a wide selection of choices of cannabis to choose from so indica was mostly mass produced and used as it had a higher amount of THC.

Strains of Hash and Oil

These indica strains were mostly kush strains, When produced into a Oil or Hash they delivered a nice flavour profile, Being sweet with and Spicy the flavour would usually get stronger and smoother with age, Hybrid strains also made a nice light weed high when produces in hash.

Delivery of these products across the world was never a guarantee, Often the package would get confiscated by authorities.

Delivery To Canada Before Mail Order

There was no code of conduct among smugglers, There was no express shipping, medical licenses or age verification when it came to work in the industry. They had little support or days off and this would translate to a low quality cannabis product. 


Cannabis And Anxiety 

Choosing and Online Dispensary

Looking for customer support when trying to buy medical marijuana is important for each customer. Being able to browse and shop categories of products specifically meant to manage anxiety is important.

Knowing which categories to match with that will best have the products you are looking for is crucial, Edibles, Vape, Gummies, Oil, Light Concentrates, and indica flower will be some of the best categories to buy.

Concentrates can be a touchy subject because some can be very powerful and make anxiety worse, So there is no guarantee as the results will very from smoker to smoker. When you chose to buy concentrates for anxiety look for medical marijuana focused ones such as THC tinctures, Cannabis drops and vape products, These will be the best way to guarantee the correct amount of product is delivered.

Edibles and Weed Online

Gummies can be a sweet match to buy as they can be available in medical types and are popular amount the average Goldbuds customer. Express delivery is usually cheap due to their size and the prices are very affordable as they are produced on large scale.

Vapes and Online Marijuana Dispensary Products

Vape products are also a great match to buy as there is always a large selection to browse from, Including many Indica strains that are great for relaxing. The prices are a good match for the quality. Code of conduct among vape users is don’t buy a vape act like a “vaper”!


Start with small doses of CBD and low THC levels. Smoking too much is sometimes easy. My anxiety usually spikes during such times. Cannabis is essential when used to relax, or when one wants to become more aware of themselves. 

When Getting CBD from an Online Marijuana Dispensary What Is The Best Ratio?

Knowing what works and what doesn’t requires listening to the mind-body connection. You can get the desired effect by using THC in small doses. The ratio of CBD to THC should be 3:1 for a good relaxing effect.

Walking And Exercise 

Definitely walking and exercising will help alleviate anxiety when coupled with a good CBD and THC order. The best cannabis chosen when you order online will be crucial to your own individual preference. When feeling anxious marijuana is the best, We don’t just feel it in the mind, it is also present in the body. While cannabis can relieve the pain and mental instability in most people, Purchasing indica strains is the best option for relief. 


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