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We deliver fresh buds fresh from Vancouver Island growers, unlike other dispensaries in Canada. Being free of dangerous fertilizers and undesirable curing methods.

The result is a flavourful smell, a pleasing appearance, and a pleasant smoking experience.

Great products, selections, prices & the friendliest customer service


Besides over 40 well-known marijuana strains on our buy weed online dispensary, we have thousands of weed products on our online dispensary menu, and we offer ounces from $99, along with new ones.



Before consuming any quality cannabis products purchased from a store front or online dispensary, be sure to check the strength and measure your amount properly for the best possible results. Edibles aren’t to be played with!

We can provide you with more information on dosing if you’re a new cannabis user.

Shopping At Goldbuds Online Dispensary in Canada

We offer a wide variety of THC and CBD products at our online marijuana dispensary. 

Online dispensary

With our online dispensary store, Goldbuds provides the best prices on high-quality marijuana products, including weed, concentrates, wax, hash, edibles and vapes. 

Bringing you some of the finest marijuana strains on the market is one of our main priorities. We have added some new products below.

Highest Quality Online Dispensary Canada

Vancouver Island’s top growers all have years of experience and produce the best recreational or medical marijuana. They produce top quality weed products without using pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority 

No information about you will be shared with anyone. Payments are processed using an encrypted email with SSL certificates and PCI compliance. After each order your payment info is destroyed on our end. 

Highest Quality Buds For An Online Marijuana Dispensary

edibles in Calgary

For quality assurance purposes, we choose our suppliers on the basis of their organic practices and ensure that their crops have been tested before they’re approved by our dispensaries.


Indica And Sativa: CBD Cannabis Products

The first point we will discuss is the difference between plants. Both belong to the Goldbuds genus, so they have a lot in common. Indica strains are known to provide pain relief, induce sedation, and stimulate appetite. There is, however, limited evidence for these effects, and so we shouldn’t categorize these plants as having them. 

There are slight differences in the physical characteristics of the plants. Dark green, wide leaves are characteristic of plants that are shorter, bushier and have a bushier appearance. In general, Sativas are tall and thin, with lighter green leaves that are skinnier. 

Buying CBD From A Storefront vs. Buying CBD Online Canada

There are specialized CBD shops around every corner now that CBD has been classified as a food supplement.

Quality is not a major focus of these stores. It is more likely that they sell lubricants with synthetic adds that do not meet the tests. The most frustrating thing about CBD oils is that you can purchase them in local stores for quite a bit of money, but they are not worth the price. 

dispensary in canada

Online CBD shopping from an online dispensary comes with many benefits. The first thing you can do is pick a product that fits your needs and preferences completely among dozens of different brands. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to get to know the product before you make a purchase and with ordering over $150 you get express free shipping with Canada Post. The source of CBD is always disclosed by reputable companies. 

Also, CBD users usually write reviews about their products. You will also be able to tell what to expect when you read the testimonials. 

Customers who are considering purchasing CBD products online appreciate the fact that they will want to learn more about them before purchasing. That’s why they make sure their online cannabis products are all both pure and potent and will be transparent about their offering.

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