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    Westcoast Collective – HTFSE Terpsauce with THCA Crystals

    HT (High Terpene) HC (High Cannabinoid) FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) imprints a sensory snapshot of the Cannabis plant’s diverse biomolecules that exist within its trichome, with all chlorophyll, waxes, lipids, and 99.9% solvent removed, in the same ratio that they existed within the living plant.

    In a Full Spectrum Extract, Terpenes should be about 5% of the overall extraction. Flavorful terpenes are liquids at room temperature, while THCA has a crystalline structure when isolated. So, a full spectrum extract will appear like wet sand, or “saucy” wet THCA crystals.

    Full spectrum extracts are much more biologically complex than distillates, or any product that has separated terpenes and reintroduced them. By capturing the full spectrum of available biomolecules in a single pass extraction, with nothing added or reintroduced, the result is the essence of the living plant, unmolested, and the smell, taste, and effects speak for themselves. When comparing a Full Spectrum extract to typical sandy, dry “live resin,” or other concentrates with reintroduced terpenes, consider Grape Juice compared to wine. Try both, and experience the true connoisseurs’ product: HT/HCFSE.

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