• $20.00

    Apawthecary – Beef Flavoured – Hemp Terpene Infused Dog Treats 160g bag

    Beef Flavoured – Hemp Terpene Infused Dog Treats 160g bag

    • Grain free, corn free pet treats
    • 3mg of hemp terpenes in each treat
    • Made with human grade food ingredients
    • No artificial preservatives
    • Alleviates pain from arthritis and helps maintain or restore youthful vitality


    Ingredients: hemp derived terpenes (from seed and stalk), oat flour, chana flour, rolled oats, apple sauce, beef broth, powdered milk, hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, eggs, coconut oil, hemp oil, cinnamon, tocopherol (vitamin E) for preservative

  • $30.00$60.00

    Apawthecary – Pet Oral Drops – 30mL Hemp Terpenes Flavored Tinctures – 120mg/300mg

    Seafood Flavored – Hemp Terpene Infused Pet Tincture 30mL

    120mg of Hemp Terpenes per bottle

    • Hemp terpene infused Oral Drops
    • Made with beneficial MCT oil (derived from coconut oil)
    • Ideal for both dogs & cats
    • Fast-acting alternative
    • Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain
    • Reduces stress and pain while promoting relaxation
    • Controlled dosing
  • $26.00

    Baked Edibles – Acuity – CBD Pet Treat

    ACUITY Nutraceutical Pet Treats

    3mg CBD per Serving

    Acuity nutraceutical pet treats by Creating Brighter Days™ work for the improvement of your dog’s brain and immune system, and for repairing aging cells. Acuity’s medicinal ingredients include ginger, chaga—an immune-boosting mushroom- and rosemary.

    What's in the Box:

    • Available per Unit/Bag.
    • 90g per Bag.
  • $45.00

    Baked Edibles – Fortify – CBD Pet Oil (250mg)

    FORTIFY Nutraceutical Pet Oil

    250mg CBD per Bottle

    Fortify nutraceutical pet oil by Creating Brighter Days™ brings the body into alignment and prevents CBD deficiency. The medicinal ingredients include 99.9% pure CBD isolate to promote balance and create homeostasis, pure coconut MCT oil with far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits offering support for brain health, antioxidant-rich hemp seed oil to increase immunity and improve cardiovascular health, and pumpkin seed oil to reduce anxiety and prevent illness.

    What's in the Box:

    • Available per 30ml Unit/Bottle.
    • 250mg CBD per Bottle.
  • $26.00

    Baked Edibles – Serenity – CBD Pet Treat

    SERENITY Nutraceutical Pet Treats

    3mg CBD per Serving

    Serenity nutraceutical pet treats by Creating Brighter Days™ promote calm, alleviate anxiety and nervousness, and balance the digestive tract. Calming ingredients such as ashwagandha and tulsi combat stress and decreases cortisol levels, while chamomile addresses uncomfortable digestive issues.

    What's in the Box:

    • Available per Unit/Bag.
    • 90g per Bag.
  • $26.00

    Baked Edibles – Vitality – CBD Pet Treat

    VITALITY Nutraceutical Pet Treats

    3mg CBD per Serving

    Vitality nutraceutical pet treats by Creating Brighter Days™ are for lively, energetic pets, Vitality encourages heart and bone health, GI tract management as well as coat and skin improvements. The medicinal ingredients in Vitality include ginseng, gotu kola, chia seeds, and chlorella to holistically encourage overall health and vigor.

    What's in the Box:

    • Available per Unit/Bag.
    • 90g per Bag.
  • $25.00

    Canna 9 Wellness – Bully Bits

    We love our pets and so do you! Treat them to 100% fair trade organic, gluten, grain and soy free dog treats, infused with solvent-free CBD. No fillers or artificial flavors. Only the finest of ingredients, because our furry loved ones deserve nothing but the best!

    • All ingredients certified organic and fair trade
    • No artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives
    • GMO free
    • No wheat or soy
    • Safe for gluten-sensitive pets

    CBD is sourced from 100% organic Canadian hemp.

  • $40.00

    Canna 9 Wellness – CBD Supplement

    We realize some of our furry friends can be a little fussy, so we’ve created a hassle free alternative; a solvent free CBD food additive. Containing a proprietary blend of organic oils and minerals, this mixture will reduce high blood pressure, inflammation and arthritic pain.

    This organic recipe will strengthen and improve mobility of joints and muscles, while rehydrating skin and providing a brilliant shiny coat!

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