• $50.00

    Vapergy 500mg THC – Hybrid

    Vapergy makes the most innovative cannabis pen in Canada

    • Strains: Variety of types, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD 1 to 1 and Full CBD
    • Directions: Every hit is 8-10mg per metered 4 second pulls. When the LED‘V’ flashes its a full dose. With 500mg, patients can expect an average of 50-62 draws from each Vapergy RX. No warm up time or button needed, just a straight inhalation to activate.
    • Strength: 500 mg THC
    • Ingredients: Co2 Oil
    • Company Info: Vapergy RX 1.0 is a smart disposable vaporizer. The product has a zero leak and zero failure rate. There are 44 international patents filed with an FDA approval as a homeopathic delivery system. This is the first of its kind. A Ceramic coil heater that meters to 4 seconds, ensures that overheating of the oil and hardware doesn’t occur, avoiding a toxic/metal inhalation that all other vaporizers are capable of. The units are designed as an innovative delivery system of a variety of health and supplement products.
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