• $1.50

    TORPEDOES – King Size Pre-Rolled Cones


    Torpedoes re the newest paper-tipped, pre-rolled cone on the market. Ultra-thin and made from a perfect blend of rice and hemp, these perfect cones burn slowly and extremely clean. 

    Comes packaged in a translucent tube with a small wooden packaging tool for easy assembly.

    Tube can be used as a carrying device and an air-tight snuffer.

    1 cone per tube

  • $2.00

    TORPEDOES – XXL Pre-Rolled Cones – Apple


    Can’t roll a fatty to save yourself? Sick of wrecking all your papers trying to get that perfect cone shaped joint? Worry no more – TORPEDOES have done all the hard work for you! Already rolled with the filter attached, all you have to do is pack your herbs down the tube with the convenient little poking stick and twist it closed at the end. You can even put it back in the tube it came in, to store it safely til you’re ready to light it up! 110mm long

    The pre-rolled papers contain a blend of rice and hemp, making them a slow burn. The tasty flavor adds pizzazz to the smoke while the filter tip prevents dampening from slobber. Includes packing tool and storage tube.

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