Goldbuds – Blueberry Kush – Indica Shatter


Goldbuds – Blueberry Kush – Indica Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
  • Flavor: Sweet, Flowery, Skunk
  • Sativa / Indica %: 25 / 75

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
  • Flavor: Sweet, Flowery, Skunk
  • Sativa / Indica %: 25 / 75
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63 reviews for "Goldbuds – Blueberry Kush – Indica Shatter"

  1. :

    Omg the new packaging looks SIIIIICK!

  2. :

    Really nice product great flavor and amazing buzz

  3. :

    Competitive quality at a lower price, can’t go wrong.

  4. :

    Awesome night time snack for most, anytime for me. Goldbuds setting the standard for me.

  5. :

    O tried this stuff and way to go goldbuds i am going to tell all my friends about this shatter it’s great well worth the price love it

  6. :

    Hey I oreder all kinds of this shatter all good I highly recommend this shatter once again goldbuds did it ok now it’s time to go and enjoy some puff puff ah yup

  7. :

    Great product, Goldbuds always seems to get it right.

  8. :

    very good shatter

  9. :

    Goldbuds delivers – ALL of the shatter are great —- one of my favorites…. just look at my orders there’s a couple in everyone ….LOL

  10. :

    first time trying this product. i was currently only purchasing phyto but the flavour of this was great and the quality was excellent. I will order other flavours to try on the very near future

  11. :

    GB products is compatible with any big brand out there like Phyto, Wonka, Apollo etc.. I have tried all the other brand and GB products is just as tasty or even better. AND the price is better then all of the other big brand wooo wooo. Give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  12. :

    This shatter is amazing. Nice packaging, great taste. It’ll get you blasted!

  13. :

    Better strain for night time use, hits a little harder then others for sure, Amazing flavour

  14. :

    This got me right blasted…chilled my mind & I got creative! Will definitely order again!

  15. :

    I recently bought this BB Kush shatter and clearly, it’s the best tasting shatter i tried this year !! I will order some more when my stash gets low, for sure ❤️

  16. :

    Great value for a high quality product. I will definitely buy again.
    (IMHO based on experience) Goldbuds is the VERY BEST at offering/delivering a high quality product, in timely fashion, at a very reasonable price.
    Please Note: I have not, nor do I expect to receive any remuneration whatsoever for the preceding statement. Now go order some products so you can enjoy amazing service as well!

  17. :

    Really nice flavor and real quality shatter for 5$ less! Way to go goldbuds. I’ll be ordering this one again

  18. :

    I love Goldbuds’s shatter …..I smoke A gram in a day or two…….. buying ozs. will save money….. and Goldbuds is the best for customer service is great….. Kevin is great,too……. delivery is fast…… one time 18 hrs. for my order to my front door…..WOW THANKS

  19. :

    the house is great! this is one of my favorite !

  20. :

    Blueberry Kush is one of my favs from GB! Excellent terps and typical indica high

  21. :

    Blueberry is smooth and taste sweet and woody for me. Great buzz.

  22. :

    Great for the evening. This is my fav indica. Great price

  23. :

    Got here in 2 days.
    Great product goldbuds!

  24. :

    Great quality and great tasting.
    The new GoldBuds packaging is very nice as well, but for the product itself, it is absolutely phenomenal.
    Such a euphoric feeling, but puts me right to sleep if I need to. Gets you very, very high and feeling great and it tastes absolutely delicious.

    Will definitely be buying more of this soon.

  25. :

    Very nice stuff. Actually smells a little like blueberries and is quite potent smoke.

  26. :

    This one taste so good! Thats the beauty of the home shatter you can get many sample and it still be cheaper than anywhere else

  27. :

    One of the best in-house shatters I’ve ever tried you guys are great keep up the good work I’ll be back for more I’ll be telling everybody about this place I’ve been dealing with you for a while and I’ll continue to deal with you for many years

  28. :

    This is my favorite Indica from Goldbuds. Take a dab before bed see ya in the

  29. :

    Very clear and golden, wonderful lingering taste, shatters at room temperature. In my personal opinion this is better than some of the phyto I’ve bought. BBK is one of my favourites and they really hit the nail on the head.

  30. :

    Very good body high and taste. Good for sleep

  31. :

    Very good tasting strain with a great body and smooth smoke great high nice and relaxing. Great blue phenotype guys.

  32. :

    Love the packaging, love the product. My friends and I enjoyed this one together and we were all left giggly and high as (basket)balls.

  33. :

    Never liked a pack of dabs that had blueberry in the title, but this was goooood.

  34. :

    My favourite house brand strain right here! Beautiful consistency and colour and tastes so light and smooth. Most importantly gets you just a baked as any competitor brands!

  35. :

    Decent but I was expecting better based on the reviews. I generally prefer indicas but I still found the Moby Dick I ordered better. Shatter appearance was nice, could just have been a weak batch or my personal reaction to the strain.

  36. :

    Pretty fabulous shatter…awesome body high and flavor, I would definitely recommend!

  37. :

    Still my favorite

  38. :

    awesome packaging and shatter for 30 a g

  39. :

    Nice and tasty and nice golden color. Thank you go buds it was awesome

  40. :

    amazing products. all good flavors and gets me where I need to be

  41. :

    Great value!

  42. :

    This shatter is very mellow and has a nice taste. The gold bud shatter is always great for the price.

  43. :

    Top notch flavour and buzz

  44. :


  45. :

    Great shatter for a great price! Taste is smooth and the buzz is amazing. Great job on the house shatter GB.

  46. :

    Buzz for me was great, loved the taste. Fiance got a little headache and it was only from this shatter, so effects definitely vary from person to person, but in my opinion, awesome strain from these guys.

  47. :

    Tastes good nice and clean. A melow relaxing not sedating effect. It’s good.

  48. :

    Love the flavor i always buy it

  49. :

    Gold buds has a solid product here!

  50. :

    I absolutely love the house blends, the blackberry bay & blueberry kush are by far my favs . Awesome taste , great buzz, light in colour and an overall great experience . 5/5 for sure .

  51. :

    Unexpected Great flavor and nice smoking, smooth. Great buzz!

  52. :

    Awesome product nice and crunchy great high

  53. :

    Mild mellow buzz, i expected more from this with all the good reviews!
    i still liked it, smooth on the lungs with a good taste but the buzz was a little bit disappointing for me!

  54. :

    Love this strain! Very sweet and terpy! Good for pain and relaxing. Effects are felt immediately:)

  55. :

    Great taste, good high for $30 well worth it.

  56. :

    My package said it was sativa but i think it was just a mistake
    The shatter was nice and clear tasted great and got me nice and high

  57. :

    Always a great product, smooth and fruity!!

  58. :

    Epic Flavour and great quality

  59. :

    Great bang for the buck.

  60. :

    Belle qualité !

  61. :

    WOW! Loved it! great taste too.

  62. :

    Smooth, dreamy and relaxing without serious couch-lock, and a great night’s sleep later on.

  63. :

    Smooth with a taste that wasn’t overpowering and for the sale price I was very happy!

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