Goldbuds – Chocolope – Sativa Shatter


Goldbuds – Chocolope – Sativa Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • Chocolope Sativa Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • Chocolope Sativa Shatter
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34 reviews for "Goldbuds – Chocolope – Sativa Shatter"

  1. :

    I vape my shatter and the chocolate sativa tastes like it should…very good buzz!!

  2. :

    I loved this one. The taste the smell and the look of the shatter was all on point. This one was nice and uplifting. Good for a wake and bake for sure

  3. :

    very nice strain and packaging. hope to see all gold buds shatter in these one day!

  4. :

    nice high, very good for the evening

  5. :

    Tre beau et bon shatter vou faite du bon shatter goldbud

  6. :

    Great taste, great buzz. All around impressive shatter. GoldBuds house blends never disappoint!

  7. :

    My favorite house shatter by far! I’m on like my 5th pack already of this one.

  8. :

    I love this chocolope!!! It’s soo smooth

  9. :

    Very nice shatter, look, taste and smell all deserve a 5star

  10. :

    Every one i tryed from gold buds are juste incredible i think i found my new dispenser!

  11. :

    Good, clean sativa high, very upbeat. Perfect for the morning and afternoon. Partners well with a midmorning coffee for a pick me up. I was hoping for a bit more of a chocolaty taste but maybe it was just too mild for my palate. But it’s all around great shatter. Another GB home run, can’t beat the quality or the price. Thanks again Goldbuds.

  12. :

    Can’t beat this house shatter for price and quality. Has smooth chocolate undertone and a medium strength high. Great for daytime.

  13. :

    This stuff is fan’fuckin’tastic!

  14. :

    great high but horrible to mess with. if it touched one area of you for more than a second it would be stuck. even after being in the freezer

  15. :

    Golden clean bright Honey color. Amazing taste. Gets a Human through the day!

  16. :

    No complaints

  17. :

    Another great product ,awesome day high ,very smooth & tasty ,HIGHLY recomended

  18. :

    Really liked this strain

  19. :

    Very strong Sativa high, avoid this one if you are prone to Anxiety. Difficult to work with, it came completely shattered into very thin, small pieces in the package.

  20. :

    Great quality. Taste good

  21. :

    A cup of tea, a few dabs of this and some yoga is the perfect way to start your perfect morning. So relaxing, really helped with my morning pains (back pain, no appatite, no energy).

  22. :

    Chocolope is a great shatter by these guys, heavy sativa stone, hard to not be giggly while smoking this one. Great bang for your buck, as always!

  23. :

    Great one for the daytime. Doesnt tire you out tast is good and it’s nice and clean like all Gold Buds shatter.

  24. :

    Very chocolatey. Mild residue on coils.

  25. :

    Definate chocolate taste and sativa high

  26. :

    This shatter is very tasty ,looks super clean & delivers as does all the house shatters i have tasted the price the tastes ,awesome job GB

  27. :

    Good quality all the time! Excellent products every time 🙂

  28. :

    Just as good as phytos chocolope!

  29. :

    Tons of flavor, nice clean golden shatter. House Shatter never disappoints. Definitely one of my favorite strains so far from them. Good for a wake and bake. Thanks GB!

  30. :

    Good high, great product good price.i like it

  31. :

    Very good taste and high! I have been very impressed with the gold buds brand so far.

  32. :

    Great morning rise and shine shatter, I love it.

  33. :

    Good mood shatter for a tough day. It really puts a smile on.

  34. :

    The taste is perfect and the high is nice! Great price too! 5/5

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