Goldbuds – SOUR Gummies 150mg THC

Goldbuds – SOUR Gummies 150mg THC


10 mouthwatering, juicy bears that pack a punch.  Goldbuds’ original recipe will leave you wanting more.

Each bag contains 10 bears @ 15mg THC for a total of 150 mg THC.  These are the SOUR version.

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10 mouthwatering, juicy bears that pack a punch.  Goldbuds’ original recipe will leave you wanting more.

Each bag contains 10 bears @ 15mg THC for a total of 150 mg THC.  These are the SOUR version.
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25 reviews for "Goldbuds – SOUR Gummies 150mg THC"

  1. :

    Vraimen delicieux super bien fait et tres bon gout on goute aucun pot ou gout gazonneux l effet est sublime relaxation de qualiter le buzz dur un bon 7 a 8 heure super texture shipper en 2 heure.livrer 2 jour

  2. :

    These are delicious! I was going to order more, but you’re out ha ha. Soft and chewy, good flavor, and a good buzz. These are worth every penny.

  3. :

    Awesome flavour relaxing

  4. :

    great product

  5. :

    Yummy gummies, it’s hard not to eat them all at once!

  6. :

    GREAT product. Tasty and very effective. I found 2 nice and relaxing. Might try 3 next time. My boyfriend has a lower tolerance and got a nice buzz off of only 1. Please keep making these!

  7. :

    These are very good and potent. Really tasty

  8. :

    Enjoy this order it was nice thanks Goldbuds

  9. :

    These are lovely, great taste great high. Me and my wife had two at a hockey game (figured eat gummies cause beers are over priced) and it was a nice high at home on a different day we had three each we felt we can handle more and it was a great high. I probably wouldn’t have more then 5 at once.

  10. :

    Super great value! I’m a big guy, 6’3, 210lbs. I have yet to take a full gummy. I take half mid-afternoon on weekends to mellow out. I’ll take a quarter gummy on way home after work. Half a gummy is enough to get me feeling a bit uplifted and “buzzy”. Felt energized. Quarter gummies are just enough to take the edge off.

    Great taste and texture.

  11. :

    Wow, these are great gummy’s! Wonderful flavors and very potent. BE CAREFUL, and be patient. I am a long time consumer and I only ate one and almost made the mistake of eating a 2nd too soon. Great buzz and long lasting. I will be ordering again once I get thought the first bag!

  12. :

    Bought these to supplement my sleeping medication. They work far better and taste amazing.

  13. :

    Ordered these to supplement my sleeping medication. These work far better then anything I’ve ever used to help me sleep. Taste amazing and inexpensive. Thank you!

  14. :

    I love these gummies, they taste great. Friends talked a big game about eating other gummies and these ones are so much better. I handed them out like candy to my friends. They all want in on my next order

  15. :

    Best gummies i ever had! will buy again thats for sure!
    Very potent buzz for these little guys and the taste is awesome !

  16. :

    These work really well, taste great. Me and a buddy got real high and had a great time, no hangover feeling in the morning for us.

  17. :

    Surprised even me!! Definitely gave me some of the best sleep I’ve had in awhile!.

  18. :

    really tasty and they pack a punch!

  19. :

    Calming and tasty. I need 2 to medicate decently.

  20. :

    Flavor: Multiple Flavors
    Taste: More Flavor Less THC
    Kick In Time: 30 – 45 Mins
    Effect Time: 1 – 2 Hrs
    Dose: 15mg Per Bear
    Dosage: Varies Per Person
    Side Effect: Depends on how meny injested.

    Final thoughts:
    I took about 3 2 lime and 1 orange. their very flavorful with no THC taste to them. These Tiny Sour Gummy Bears are potent people!

  21. :

    First time trying the goldbud gummies not bad at all. Well get them again haha

  22. :

    I’ve bought these gummies 3 times now. The taste is real nice and I got an awesome high the first couple times I bought these. I was a little disappointed from my last order however, as they seem to be less potent. I normally have 2 and its a nice buzz, but this last pack I took 4 and didn’t feel anything. I also noticed there was little to no weed taste like my first two packs. I will still continue to buy from this site because they are awesome and shipping is fast. I just hope my next pack will be like the first time I got them. Thanks again for all the awesome products ✌

  23. :

    These gummies are always soooo good. They are on the soft side but if you keep them in a cool place you should be good.

  24. :

    A great body buzz! My boyfriend and I loved the high.

  25. :

    Holy potent! Definitely wasn’t expecting that! I smoke most nights so I thought my tolerance was pretty good. I’ve also tried many other 10-14 mg gummies. These taste good and only took 45 mins to kick in – then I was on the moon. Definitely mostly body high as I was good to carry on conversation and follow tv shows. Climbing a staircase got a little complicated haha! If you’re not very experienced maybe start with half.

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