Goldbuds – Fruity Pebbles – Indica Shatter


Goldbuds – Fruity Pebbles – Indica Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • Fruity Pebbles Indica Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • Fruity Pebbles Indica Shatter
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58 reviews for "Goldbuds – Fruity Pebbles – Indica Shatter"

  1. :

    The dopest dope I’ve ever smoked

  2. :

    I chose moby dick , blueberry kush , chocolope , and fruity pebbs is by far my fav

  3. :

    This is one of the best shatters I’ve smoked to date it’s super bright and tastes excellent will be getting again

  4. :

    My Moby Dick came today and …dam its good, one of the best I have smoked so far, Thanks GOLDbuds

  5. :

    Awesome I would reccomened to others!

  6. :

    I love this stuff, and it does kind of taste like cereal! It’s pretty smooth and makes me very relaxed and tired, and really helps when I’m stressed out.

  7. :

    By far the strongest house blend I’ve tried

  8. :

    Goldbuds delivers – ALL of the shatter are great —- one of my favorites…. just look at my orders there’s a couple in everyone ….LOL “order some now!”

  9. :

    This is another really good house shatter from Goldbuds. It’s potent and will leave you super relaxed. Definitely recommended.

  10. :

    Excellent product! Best bang for your buck. Plus the customer service at GoldBuds is top notch. Thanks again!

  11. :

    the house is great! this is one of my favorite ! just tried this one, so far so good! like it!

  12. :

    I love this one. Great for the evening

  13. :

    Good for late night
    Sweet taste and relaxed buzz

  14. :

    Once again for the price and it still better than the bie companies

  15. :

    This stuff is great and so is good buds one of the best places to buy online you rock

  16. :

    Buy far one of goldbuds best right here i order aleat 3 of these every time i order great taste easy on my loungs and awsome for my pain

  17. :

    Good taste! So fruity!
    Goldbuds shatter nails it again, great product for late night use.
    Quick delivery as always, thanks.

  18. :

    Holy shit, I’ve never been so baked in my life. Ty GB!!!! 😉

  19. :

    Another great Goldbuds product!! I keep trying new Goldbuds shatter and am never disappointed!
    Fruity Pebbles has great taste and intense body buzz. Before bed and you sleep like never before!

  20. :

    Amazing shatter, would buy again , after im done trying them all out! fruity pebbles is an incredible indica high that I would recommend to everyone! 5 stars always.

  21. :

    Nice clear color -breaks easy -smokes smooth-great price-quality good-5/5

  22. :

    Very mellow. My first time trying shatter and I really love the taste. I’ve also noticed it helps with sleep and regulation of cognitive functions such as memory, emotion and analogical thought process.

  23. :

    Still my favourite dab-to-go for my anxiety. This one puts me at ease and sometimes even knocks me out. Words can not justify this shatter.

  24. :

    Pretty good shatter, very strong buzz, excellent taste , and at this price… you cant beat that deal. Tres bon shatter le gout est excellent, le buzz est impressionant, le prix est vraiment cool… a ce prix aucun autre dispensaire n’y arrive. thank you merci goldbuds.

  25. :

    Very nice taste, one of my favorite

  26. :

    Great Wake n Bake Shatter. Nice Scent. Good high.

  27. :

    This is a very good daytime strain. Nice lift. Okay taste. Can’t complain for the price!! 🙂

  28. :

    Really potent hits and instant strong high. Probably my fave of the GB house shatters so far.

  29. :


  30. :

    next order will be the 3rd time in a row highly recommend good bang for your buck!!

  31. :

    Great goldbuds

  32. :

    Amazing taste! Gives you a great buzz!

  33. :

    Fruity pebbles is GOLDEN just like its color. Solid 4/5 stars. Terpy tasting. Stong effects but the buzz is gone in 2 hours max.. Could have lasted a bit longer. Thats why i rated it 4/5.
    Was expecting to get my socks knocked off from all the reviews. .
    The strongest potent indica so far out of all the GB’s indica house shatters that i have tried.
    Would purchase again. Cant go wrong for 30 bones a G.
    Overall the GB house shatters are great if not wanting to break the bank.

  34. :

    Great for relaxing

  35. :

    Such a great taste! Really lives up to it’s name and has a good potency. Thanks Goldbuds, for the fast and easy service!

  36. :

    This one is my favourite I love it good taste of me is like fruity pebble’s. I would definitely be recommending this and I’ll be buying more.

  37. :

    So good! Fruity Pebbs all the way!

  38. :

    This is one of my favorites really enjoyed it

  39. :

    Top quality. Great price . Excellant shipping Thanks Goldbuds

  40. :

    Fruity Pebbles nice feeling strain and pretty potent.

  41. :

    Best one for the moment, clean n tasty

  42. :

    first time I see this 30$ for 1g , of shatter and went I try it wow , good taste in/out , nice buzz , thanks GB!

  43. :

    This is so tasty and clean for dabs. Really good

  44. :

    My flavor one too love the high

  45. :

    I absolutely love this strain ! What an awesome taste, and a nice relaxing buzz . Certainly ordering this again, the house blends are just spot on ! 5/5

  46. :

    Great smoke, nice color. Smooth fruity flavour.

  47. :

    Looks golden, tastes so good and so smooth!

  48. :

    Really good would recommend to others and such a good price point can’t go wrong !!!

  49. :

    Would reccomend this one. Terpy and the effects are felt right away!

  50. :

    I have ordered this several times, one of my favourite kinds to get regularly!

  51. :

    Always a go to product very tasty and clean love this shatter!

  52. :

    Epic strain 10/10

  53. :

    Shit im High !!!! nice stuff

  54. :

    My favourite shatter. You feel the effects right away, happy and calming. Would definitely buy again and recommend it to my friends.

  55. :

    This latest run of Fruity pebbles was very clear and left a very unpleasant resin on the lips and teeth. Taste was not there. Overall disappointed with the quality of this slab. Quality shouldn’t be sacrificed.

  56. :

    This one is very tasty and packs a nice high!

  57. :

    Beautiful clear fruity shatter. Recommend.

  58. :

    Great price and strain. 5/5

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