Phyto Live Resin – Tri Daddy Green – Indica


Phyto Live Resin – Tri Daddy Green – Indica

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1 Gram of live resin inside a glass jar.

Tri Daddy Green info TBD

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1 Gram of live resin inside a glass jar.

Tri Daddy Green info TBD

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15 reviews for "Phyto Live Resin – Tri Daddy Green – Indica"

  1. Marshall:

    Has a vey nice taste and hits you pretty good. I also got a death bubba and blue dream and a super lemon haze and I really like them all. And they are all lighter in color then in the display pics. All in all I would buy phyto before anything else I have tried

  2. Éric:

    At low Temps,you can really taste the subtleties of terpenes in this tri-daddy live resin.You also need a little at a time cause the cloud it produces when you hit at very high Temps and vaporize instantly is simply mind-boggling.I had never tried live resin before,this was my first experience and really liked it at low Temps so I could have the real taste of this incredible medecine.In my book,it deserves a five ***** stars rating for quality,taste and look but I would rate it at 3*** for price.It quickly becomes expensive really fast when you let yourself loose on movie night with wifey,you go thru them pretty fast.
    I got a few of tri-daddy and death bubba and Kevin was great as always with taken care of a postal issue that could have become a real financial burden for the holliday season but Kevin quickly turned around,fixed the whole deal to my satisfaction and then shipped it super fast so I could medicate for the hollidays.Without the help and support of Kevin and Goldbuds,I would have had a shitty X-Mas and also a bad start for the new year.I truly never experienced a really dedicated customer service representative until I dealt with Kevin,I can’t praise him enough.The guy is just the best at what he does and the quality and variety and also the decent prices at Goldbuds,just made realized this past 2 weeks that I was buying my medecine from shady dealers and wouldn’t stand behind what they sold for any reason.I could go on and on for the reasons one should buy or at least look at their inventory first before going anywhere else,I know I will from now on.If I find the same product for a better price than on Goldbuds,I will ask Kevin if he can price match it and will probably end up buying from Goldbuds even if it’s a few bucks more to have the peace of mind that the medecine you really need is on the way and will be there shortly and on time.
    Give Goldbuds a try if you haven’t already,you will be 110% satisfied with the quality,pricing and outstanding customer service.
    Keep up,the excellent work your doing Kevin,you are truly a godsend to me and my family.Best of luck and lots of health and good businesses for this upcoming year,take care sir.

  3. Cong:

    Again this is my first time trying out live resin and it does not disappoint .I am new to with the services that i have received so far and also now reading the comments above has solidified my loyalty with goldbuds, THE cheapest concentrates and products overall. You guys are the best at what you do. Keep it up.

  4. chad:

    I had tried live resin one other time and phyto does not disappoint. Great tastes and great highs.

  5. Adrian:

    Excellent product. Great indica. Perfect for an evening session

  6. justin:

    Not for me

  7. paul:

    Great for the evening to promote appetite following by sleep. Probably their strongest live resin in my opinion so not one to vaporize in the morning. works well for pain with moving joints and cures an upset stomach.

  8. Stephan:

    Wow…I am a fan of live resin and this does not disappoint…flavor is very good and effect is a 10…and I often consume edibles….my tolarence is up there…and this still hits like a truck

  9. Sheri:

    I love the taste and high of the live resin but it isn’t as easy to use as a hard shatter. It’s something to get used to, although using a dab tool to handle it is the best option.

  10. David:

    Unique but not exceptional taste… a bit difficult of a consistency to work with… somewhat like sludge.

    But very nice effects. I like the feeling from live resin, it gives me something different than any brand of the shatters and is more unique among the phyto offerings I’ve tried. Well worth it at the decent price imo.

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