Supernova – Grape Ape Distillate – Indica


Supernova – Grape Ape Distillate – Indica

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5 reviews for "Supernova – Grape Ape Distillate – Indica"

  1. Jamie:

    This was awesome, it tasted extremely grapey and always left me with a great nights sleep.

  2. christian:

    this is tasty i never taste something like this is amazing…

  3. David:

    Had the opportunity to try some and it didn’t dossapoint ! Very grapey , delicious the ‘Concord’ of distilate, amazing , I will purchase again and again, rate 5/5.

  4. Bergy:

    T’en va dans lit après 5 poff

  5. Josh:

    Taste is great. High is great. Too runny for my liking

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