Supernova – Pink Lemonade Distillate – Hybrid


Supernova – Pink Lemonade Distillate – Hybrid

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7 reviews for "Supernova – Pink Lemonade Distillate – Hybrid"

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    Tastes wonderful, exactly like pink lemonade very pure, no residue left after dabbing. Downside is it doesn’t feel very potent. I have experienced this with phyto extracts, which this is. Found this out by inspecting the packaging, would definitely prefer if this was noted in the description.

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    SUUUPER SUUUPER sticky and got me so fadded from just one dab. Buying again for sureeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    Loved the flavour of the pink lemonade but the only flaw I see in phyto’s distillate is that every time I order one it’s always really liquidy. But the highs nice.

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    loved the citrus like flavour, easy to use not too thick or thin, gives a nice vape in a vape pen or a doobie. thanks for the great service.

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    awesome flavor awesome high. perfect for vape cartridges

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    Didn’t really get a pink lemonade flavour but was just citrusy which was still delicious. Nice packaging, as expected with Phyto, goldbuds distillate is just as good though and $5.00 cheaper.

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    Similarly to other reviewers I loved the tasted but the potency wasn’t there as much.

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