Supernova – Strawberry Distillate – Sativa


Supernova – Strawberry Distillate – Sativa

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10 reviews for "Supernova – Strawberry Distillate – Sativa"

  1. Timothy:

    Excellent! Tastes great. Real quality stuff!

  2. RYAN:

    good flavor good high

  3. Bryce94:

    Great stuff taste just like strawberries and great high it last a at least fews hours and very clean and easy way to use the product as well

  4. Bryce:

    Great stuff, tastes just like the strawberries and get you high as a kite for few hours and it’s amazing

  5. raoul:

    Nice to get superbaked without selling like a reggae band. A few hours while walking the dog and I’m ready to play some vids lol.

  6. Anonymous:

    Great flavour. Vapes nice and smooth. Good sativa buzz, energy and creativity.

  7. Bergy:

    Awesome taste

  8. Marc:

    The Best taste, and smooth as fawk

  9. Edith:

    No complaints, good product. Will order again.

  10. Steve:

    Great taste and a good clean high. Love it.

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