Sativa Pens For Sale

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Sativa Pens For Sale

Buying from Goldbuds is an easy fun experience. Being the top online dispensary in Canada we strive to bring you the best products, Sativa vape pens are our specialty. Providing cartridges, Full disposable pens. All created with quality cannabis THC and CBD.

Sativa Dominate Vape Pens

Vape pens made with sativa dominant weed is popular among Canadians, Great for anytime during the day, Sativa vape pens are a great option, No burnout or too relaxing of effects make this a perfect selection.

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Vape Pen Use

Sativa vape pens for sale are easy to use, Just power up and hit. Made with high quality indica, hybrid and sativa distillate and oil they can have a wide variety of flavour and premium quality marijuana product. The dosing is important too when considering many vape pens are all different strengths. Starting with a small puff and waiting for effects to start is the best option.

Choosing A Vape Pen

When you decide to buy vape pens online Canada from and online shop you can except to find many different variations, Strains, Strengths, Flavours. This is great as whatever your favourite flavour of sweet drink or food can be found in vape pen form.

sativa pens for sale

Goldbuds Reliability

Being one of the oldest online dispensaries in Canada, Goldbuds has been providing vape pens and cannabis products to Canadians for over ten years. We can help assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Extracts or concentrates, also known as dabs, are an interesting way to consume Cannabis. As a concentrate or liquid oil, an extract is a concentrated form of cannabis.

It can be shaken, crumbled, waxed, buddered, rosinated or dabbed on with anything. Take your vaping device into consideration and choose one that suits you.


Goldbuds offers cookies, gummies, and all other kinds of edibles for order online.


In dabpens, THC and CBD are concentrated. This purpose is served by bowls and bongs, but they are less hassle to use. Beginners appreciate the ease of using a Concentrate Vape Pen, as it is discrete and extremely practical. Dab pens are currently available for purchase through the internet and through dispensaries.

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THC Pens

The wax pen market is relevant not only to the vaporizer market, but to the entire legal cannabis market, as well. Are you able to let me know which are the hottest wax pens at the moment?

Do waxy concentrates use vaporizers primarily and do low viscosity oils use vaporizers specifically? Which pens deliver the best vapor quality, coils, and builds?

We offer tips for getting the best results with wax pens for vaping as well as tips on how to maintain them. Our hand-picked pens were evaluated on more than just the quality of vapor and the type of coil. 

Customer feedback and performance are also taken into account, and these devices are ranked every day to present you with the fastest comparisons.

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Dab Or Vape Pen

Everyone loves experimenting with new ways to enjoy their favourite flower, but there are many different types of cannabis to choose from. I have heard that a vape pen is generally cheaper as compared to a dab pen, but what really is the difference? Isn’t this similar to what it is now? 

Our knowledge of both is a boon for you. It is easy to confuse these two conditions, but they have pretty different causes and effects. For your sake, we’ve explained it clearly so you won’t have to. The purpose of this article is to present a comparison between the vape pen, dab pen, and the differences, similarities, and disadvantages between them.





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