Shatter Online

Shatter Online

Goldbuds is the best place to buy shatter online in Canada so rest assured your in the right place. We have some of the best growers working with us, This being used to make shatter for our customers of top quality. Check out our exclusive brand of Goldbuds shatter!

Different Types

Shatter online Canada comes in variety of colours, From a bright clear glass to a yellow shade and even light red or amber. Shatter has one of the highest amounts of THC in any product online. 

Shatter Online In Canada

The cleanest and most pure shatter online comes from Goldbuds. It is often of a slightly cleat amber colour, This is a nice extraction that leaves potency and flavour in tact. Shatter online is one of the most potent concentrate online that you can get.

The best way to smoke shatter is with a bong or dap rig. This allows the full product to be consumed without wasting.

What is it?

What is the shattering process? A cannabis hybrid that contains an average THC content of 85-95%, it combines the potency of flower and shatter. Shatter weed concentrate is also sometimes called “glass weed”, owing to its glass-like appearance and brittle texture. It is one of the most commonly consumed weed concentrates in Canada. It is beneficial for a variety of medical purposes and has a variety of benefits.


How Is It Made?

Almost any marijuana material can be used to make it, from flower to trim. To separate desired cannabinoids from raw cannabis, heat and compression are used. Afterwards, any plant debris is vacuumed up.


How Is It Different From Other Concentrates?

Although shatter has a range of textures, colours, and consistency, its production process is identical to other extracts. 

The shimmery appearance of shatter may contribute to its status as the purest form of cannabis concentrate. 

When parts of the production process are mishandled, for example during extraction and vacuum purging, shatter may not turn out as desired. Despite poor storage, shatter can lose its transparency. Shatter production can also be affected by other factors. 






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