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Buying Products Online

A guide to buying the best products for you! It can be overwhelming buying products online. Its tricky if your new to smoking or vaping or even edibles. I want to break down some basic tips to helping you buy the best product for yourself. either its for a fun weekend out or for medical purposes. To help you shop better you should understand the basic compounds of cannabis, THC and CBD! Each compound has different effects on the body and… Read More...
Purely Med

History of Purely Medicinal

Purely Medicinal is one of the top names in the cannabis industry, supplying Canadian-made, medicinal cannabis products. Recognized by the 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards as the winner of the Top Oral Extracts Producer Award in 2015, Purely Medicinal is committed to raising Canadian industry standards in medicinal cannabis products. The company was founded in Nanaimo, British Columbia, in 2011. Since then, it has set itself apart as one of the finest standardized medical cannabis extraction and concentrate producers. From oils,… Read More...
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