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FotM: October

The weather in Vancouver has been beautiful and I’ve been taking in as many beach days as possible. This week I have been smoking on a few different strains and picked a top two favorite buds and I’d like to share them with you all.

The favorite strain in the office at the moment is our Mango Papaya, of course this is a fruity sativa strain. It’s a perfect get up and get it done weed, after smoking a joint I’m ready to start the day and I’m energetic and focused for the rest of the day. I personally find it tastes super sweet like tropical skittles. Especially when smoked in a fat joint! However, when I smoke the bud out of a bong I find it tastes a little earthier but still sweet. This flower is caked with crystal and after having it in my grinder for a few days the keef catcher is full. If you’re looking for a sweet savory bud that keeps you with a nice long lasting creative, vibrant, blissful high this would be a good pick for you. The office enjoys this bud a lot because it gives you a calming effect but doesn’t make you drowsy or lazy. It’s perfect for starting the day with.

My personal favorites this week has been Rom Burgundy, (don’t you want to try it just for the name) this bud is some strong premium cannabis a hybrid between three strong strains, Romulan, Northern Lights and Blueberry Kush all genetically mixed into this beautiful flower. This strain has been my go to for relaxing and unwinding. It’s a smooth body high that just melts you right into the couch. Any pain you may be feeling disappears with that first puff, allowing you to completely loosen up and relax. The strain has some very therapeutic qualities, defiantly would be a great strain for stress, anxiety and anybody who just needs a little extra to help them calm down after a long day. While this is a great strain to melt into the couch with it’s also a great strain to smoke if you went for a hike or down to the beach for the day. Even though this is a strong indica I found it still had energetic and uplifting effects. This strain would also be great for after thanks giving dinner and pumpkin pie to unwind and enjoy a belly full of delicious food.

Happy Thanksgiving I hope you have a great weekend and try out some of our favorites.

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