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Weed Online Canada

Goldbuds has direct connections with the best growers in BC and Victoria Island. From seed to bud we can trace all the best cannabis products. When you buy weed online you can trust that Goldbuds provides the highest quality weed.

Quality of Weed

Using our online cannabis store, We provide you with the the best products to our customers.

Bringing together top quality service for customers and unmatched shopping experience, Goldbuds strives to become Canada’s best online dispensary and offer free shipping on orders over $150.00.

It is common to find mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada, with some offering high quality cannabis, while others provide substandard cannabis. The search for a reputable online dispensary can take a long time.

It is a good idea to look at product reviews when you buy weed online to learn how others have viewed and appreciated their mail order marijuana dispensaries purchases.


10+ Years Goldbuds Has Been Serving Canadians

The first time we offered cannabis was back in 2011, when online dispensaries were just  starting. Our Vancouver dispensaries started off as mail-order marijuana stores. Our BC Bud growers came on board when we went online to provide the best weed in Canada.

Best Products For You When you Buy Weed Online

Online dispensaries are committed to offering high-quality services to their customers through two primary guidelines, Best products, Best service.

To ensure your satisfaction, we offer the best quality of products and services. If you have any questions about our products or customer service, please reach out to us. If you have a concern or question, our staff is well trained to address them.

weed online Canada

Choosing  A Marijuana Dispensary For You

We understand that buying weed online can be confusing. Finding a new online marijuana dispensary can be hard and stressful at times.

You should choose an online dispensary in Canada that carries high quality THC and CBD medical marijuana that you enjoy, since we all have our favourite types of marijuana.

Reliable Payment Options

Incredibly rare are online dispensaries that do not accept crypto payments, so there is a risk that they might commit fraud and take advantage of their customers. Mail order marijuana best sellers purchases are always made using E Transfer, the most trusted and safe way for Canadians to make payments online.

Security & Privacy

Whenever you buy cannabis from us, we will keep your personal information secure and confidential. Our clients can rely on round-the-clock security. Canadian online marijuana dispensary stores often store the private emails and customer data of their customers for spamming purposes. We do not do this.

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Buying From Online dispensary Vs Storefronts

Stores of this type do not prioritize quality, as they care more about appearance and show. For online dispensaries to be successful, top quality is essential. People are concerned with the quality of weed online rather than the packaging of it. The best online marijuana dispensary provide their products online as customers are constantly reviewing their products. To find out what others think of your favourite product, you just need to look at reviews online.

Mail Order Marijuana Stores

There are many companies that have part-time employees that turn over as quickly as McDonald’s. Customers who are looking for cannabis aren’t exactly in the best possible position. Our manager is available to answer any questions you have about strains or products available at Goldbuds. Goldbuds team has been in the online dispensary niche for more than 10+ years.

Online Dispensary Stores

It has been around ten years since Canadians have been buying marijuana through online mail order stores. 

The dispensary industry in Canada has always been one of the places where cannabis products of high quality can be purchased. With its reputation as the best option online, it is a reliable source for buying weed online.


Mail Order Marijuana Buying

Goldbuds, the leading online cannabis dispensary in Canada, offers a wide range of benefits. To choose the best product, you need to compare dozens of different strains and brands. Before you purchase a product, feel free to read the product review below. Companies with a good reputation always tell customers where their cannabis products are  grown or produced. 

Edibles and Weed Online

Among Goldbuds’ customers, gummies and chocolate are their favourite types of edibles. Our online store has a broad selection of these items so you can find the kind that is right for you. Since they are mass produced, they are usually very competitively priced given their size and delivery time.

It’s best to purchase edibles from an online dispensary in Canada since they have a larger selection compared to storefronts. A typical store front carries five to ten edibles, while online dispensaries carry 20+.


Vapes and Online Marijuana Dispensary Products

Additionally, your favourite weed online Canada dispensary offers a wide variety of vape products, which includes many strains of indica that are great for relaxing. It is a reasonable price for the quality.

Weed Online In Canada

The Internet has only recently become viable for people to purchase marijuana online. Despite Canada being a legalizing country, cannabis-related products like edibles, concentrates, and indica and hybrid strains were on the rise around 2008.

Some Of The First

As early as 2005, online marijuana dispensaries appeared. Cannabis products could only be used by medicinal patients who could prove their health and need. Express shipping was not available to customers, and they had to wait longer for postal delivery.

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