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Weed Edibles

Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, consuming weed edibles is quickly becoming a preferred choice for many. Not only because it is a more “user-friendly” way, but also produces a longer lasting “high” and one that is accompanied by the yummy flavor of the edibles. The reality is that orally consuming weed edibles is more comfortable than smoking and more discreet too. However one has to be mindful of the quantity consumed as the time required for the edible weeds to kick in takes longer (according to experts, 2 hours or more). The duration of the high will also be a few more hours than if smoked. So a word of caution for first-time consumers of weed edibles; your digestive system will process cannabis slowly so start with a small amount (experts suggest 5-10 mg) and eat your weed edible snacks on a full stomach. When you start feeling the effects, the high can last anywhere between 4 and 6 hours; prepare for a good sleep afterwards. While you can’t overdose on weed edibles, the fact that the kick in takes longer may tempt you to eat more. When it does take effect, it can go from unpleasant to flat out dangerous. At times, hallucinations or paranoia may result. The best advice is to take it low and slow until you know how it affects you. With textures galore and flavours to satisfy any craving, take pleasure in your favourite snacks. Taking the right amountj can help you relax, calm your anxiety or give you the perfect high for an energetic day. Nowadays it is not only “weed brownies” that can be found, but weed edible soft and hard candies, cookies, lollipops, cannabis-infused fruit punches, pastries and there are even chefs creating weed butter and weed pesto to go with more sophisticated dishes! A couple of fan favourites, however, are gummies and chocolate bars made by infusing cannabis in organic and healthy ingredients. Edible weed recipes made to please the palate and to medicate, relax or give you a creative high. Reach out to your weed edibles store and choose!

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