• $40.00

    Lotus Flower Medicinals – Atomized Mist 15mL

    Oral Mist Cannabis Tinture 15mL

    Ingredients: Cannabis Infused Organic Ethyl-Alcohol, Honey

    Recommended Use: Extra strength and fast acting. Spray one or more does orally until the desired effects are achieved. This all-purpose healing tincture provides relief for ailments such as: insomnia, dyspepsia, arthritis, migraines, headaches and nausea.

  • $90.00

    Lotus Flower Medicinals – CO2 High CBD Oil

    Made from 100% pure hemp CBD

    330mg CBD/20mg THC per syringe

    Use: Can be dabbed/smoked, taken orally or as you see fit!

  • $25.00

    MOTA – Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy infused with THC gives those sweet lovers that extra kick. The effects are strong as the THC binds with the sugar to enhance the psychoactive effects and medicinal benefits.

    Ingredients: Sugar, THC Distillate, Natural and Artificial Flavor and Color

    Flavors: Original, Pineapple, Tutti Frutti

  • $12.00

    MOTA Dried Pineapple – 80mg

    Infused dried pineapple keeps medication simple: sweet dried Pineapple fruit, infused with famously pure Mota THC extract. A great snack, these dried pieces of the tropics are the healthiest way to medicate. Infused with a perfectly extracted and measured dose of 80mg hybrid THC and 10mg of CBD to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

    Ingredients: Pineapple, Cannabis, Sulfur Dioxide

    Strength: 80mg THC 10mg CBD


  • $14.00

    MOTA Dried Kiwi -125mg

    Mota Dried Kiwi Another great product coming from MOTA, cannabis infused dried kiwi. Made with signature juice, these edibles are the healthiest way to get medicated. Each bag containing 125mg of THC, and all natural ingredients, you are sure to enjoy.

    Ingredients: Kiwi, Cannabis, Sulpher Dioxide

    Strength: 125mg THC


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