Goldbuds – God Bud – Indica Shatter


Goldbuds – God Bud – Indica Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • God Bud Indica Shatter

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Goldbuds Shatter – Partnered with the top shatter producer we have turned our top strains into high end shatter!

  • God Bud Indica Shatter
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38 reviews for "Goldbuds – God Bud – Indica Shatter"

  1. :

    Great for an uplifting , lazy evening!

  2. :

    True to the strain in taste and effect. Another Gold Buds home run. Way to go. Good strong indica buzz with just a bit of mood elevation. Great for a night in with friends as you don’t get introverted just a bit lazy. 😉

  3. :

    going to try this in my order….. the house is great!

  4. :

    God bud is my new go to from GB! This has some of the best flavour out there. I will continue to buy this until the end of time

  5. :

    its my first time in gold buds and i tryed the home shatter because of the price and its very impressive the quality of the product the taste is awesome

  6. :

    Just want everybody to know that this in-house Charter is really good one of the best out there highly recommended I’ve been dealing with gold buds for quite some time and they deal with their customers great and give really good quality products way to go goldbuds

  7. :

    Can’t wait to try this out, sounds Yummy… house shatter is the best bang for you buck, Your product is always on time.. and you get what you ordered… every time.

    Thanks Gold Buds

  8. :

    Awesome deal. Awesome service. I highly suggest the house shatters.. they match any of the other brands which come in at 35-50 each. And beat all other house shatters ive found elsewhere.

  9. :

    Just tried the God Bud, taste really good…smooth, and the effect is spot on. I think this is one of the best (if not the best) house shatter, and I have tried most of the house shatter here at GOLD BUDS. I will continue to buy this product

  10. :

    This God Bud shatter is great, good taste and very nice stone. This is well made and easy to handle, it is better than some more expensive shatters I have tried. 10/10

  11. :

    fast delivery-good packaging-good smoke-not harsh-purity fantastic-5/5

  12. :

    This is my go to shatter and does it ever pack a punch. I recommend Goldbuds to everyone I know who smokes for the phenomenal service. Fast shipping and fast and pleasant customer service. Customer for life here keep it up guys!

  13. :

    god bud speaks for itself–delivery 2 days-getting spoiled with these prices!

  14. :

    This was awesome, one of the best shatters I’ve ever had. Had a very relaxing and euphoric high.

  15. :


  16. :

    Heavy hitter. My favourite GB shatter❤️

  17. :

    Great goldbuds

  18. :

    This shatter for the price is my personal favourite! Good taste and good indica strain, with great effects

  19. :

    This has the DANKEST diesel taste ever yo. Super hard kick. Definitely on the reeupp list.

  20. :

    Nice clear amber shatter.. Great terpy taste. Great high. Really good evening strain. Put me to sleep like a baby. Who doesnt love to get baked before bed??
    Great strain.. lazy indica high. DEF RECOMMEND & will purchase again.

  21. :

    Really nice! I’ll definitely be trying other house shatter strains

  22. :

    Very nice, and great buzz.

  23. :

    Great taste and nice high

  24. :

    nice clean run. You can tell there was no trim involved in making this!

  25. :

    Nice and clear, good taste . Nice relaxing effect.

  26. :

    One of the best ive had tast absolutly incredible this is my go to night time smoke very relaxing releaves my pain well and gives me a fabulas sleep

  27. :

    Heavy Hitting, Crazy good taste

  28. :

    Won’t see god, but leaves you feeling great and great price and nice even high

  29. :

    Great quality

  30. :

    Good taste, not harsh, good mellow body stone. Awesome bang for your buck with this super saver shatter, can’t find a better deal for quality shatter anywhere else!

  31. :

    Loved it! Super smooth and left me super chill, had the best sleeps with this one.

  32. :

    Nothing Better for the price point

  33. :

    Love this product so good! Terpy goodness!

  34. :

    Stacks up to phyto anyday

  35. :

    God Bud hits good off the bong, soft and sharp.

  36. :

    Great look, taste and hits super nice! Only got to try this one out once though in the oz that I ordered, for that reason I’m going to have to try it out again. Coming back for more soon.

  37. :

    I loved this stuff a few years ago so orderd a pack!!! Stilll realllly goood but not as tasty as it was back when i first orderd it!! Always a fan of god bud and goldbuds

  38. :

    Tres bon avant le dodo !! Puissant !!

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