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Mazar Gold – High CBD Indica 1oz

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A legendary strain grown in the far north of Afghanistan. Mazar Gold gives a heavy, relaxing body high with a strong euphoric boost. Over-indulgence produces a mind-warping, immobilising and narcotic effect. The stone comes on intensely and immediately with the kind of ferocity that could (and often does) knock amateurs completely off their feet. This is exactly the kind of strain that is regarded as a go-to for anyone with the intention of being laid-out flat for hours on end. No matter how careful you are with Mazar Gold, couchlock is largely guaranteed. As such, it has also become extremely popular in medical circles for the treatment of sleep disorders, along with combating stress and anxiety.

Due to it’s high CBD levels, this strain has been described as producing “very potent physical relaxation.” Mazar Gold tastes and smells like earth and herbs with hints of lavender.




    • Relaxed
    • Happy
    • Uplifted
    • Focused
    • Tingly


  • Earthy
  • Herbal
  • Pungent
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