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Best Online Dispensary In Canada, Mail Order Marijuana

What Is Shatter

The question of what is marijuana shatter has become very common and now shatter is a very popular way for many stoners to enjoy smoking. It is an incredibly discrete way to smoke marijuana and can allow you to experience a much higher high when compared to smoking bud directly. Marijuana shatter is a marijuana extract with a glass-like appearance. It is incredibly popular because it is easy to smoke and generally has a much higher THC content when compared to regular marijuana bud. With the rising popularity of shatter many mail order marijuana services have begun to carry many different types of marijuana shatter, this ranges from sativa shatter, indica shatter and hybrid shatter. There are also several different brands of marijuana shatter which include green gold shatter, Everest shatter and phyto extractions to name a few reputable marijauana concentrate companies. Phyto extractions is a very popular selection when it comes to shatter in Canada, this is due to the extremely competitive price and wholesale shatter deals that are offered through many mail order marijuana companies. Phyto extracts offers nearly 80 different types of strains of shatter for you to try out and enjoy. Some of these strains include MK ultra shatter, pink kush shatter, UK cheese shatter and supernova shatter. Common ways of smoking marijuana shatter include using vaporizer for dab rigs, because of the physical consistency of this type of marijuana concentrate it cannot be simply smoked like regular marijuana. Give marijuana concentrates a try today and let us know what you think or if you have any more questions check out our blog.

Different Types Of Marijuana Vapes

When you vape marijuana or weed concentrates you can choose several different methods and types of vapes to smoke your marijuana. Vaping has been proven to be a much healthier alternative to traditional ways of smoking marijuana, this is because these devices will general heat up the marijuana or marijuana concentrates just under the point of combustion, this allows less harsher smoke containing minimal contaminants into your lungs. There are several types of marijuana vaporizers, these can range from tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, vape pens and dab pens. The most common of these devices amongst mail order marijuana online stores in Canada is the vape pens. Vape pens can be used to smoke dry herb, shatter concentrates, hash or marijuana oil, the most common amongst these marijuana vape pens will be the shatter or oil pens. You will be able to find many different brands and types of vape pens, it can be very important to select a vape pen that is refillable if you intend on using refillable cartridges to continue enjoying your marijuana vape pen. At Goldbuds one of our more popular vape pen products will be the Pineapple Express Sativa Elements Vape Pen The elements vape pen is a great product because it is a rechargeable vape pen that comes along with a battery, cartridge of pineapple express oil cartridge and a charger. You can smoke up to 500mg per elements vape concentrate cartridge and toggle the pen between three temperature settings to set the smoke at a level that you are comfortable with.

What Are Edibles

The best way to define what an edible is would be to say that it is a food product that is infused with marijuana, this is done to help you get high without the need of smoking or vaping marijuana. While smoking marijuana is the most common form of consumption there are more and more ways to get high coming out as time goes by and with that marijuana edibles are becoming more and more common everyday. You may have already heard of marijuana edibles as the most common type of edibles would be marijuana brownies, in the case of most baked marijuana goods the products are generally cooked and infused with marijuana butter or cannabutter. Sometimes the edibles will also be based with marijuana oil rather than butter, some examples of this would be when you fry or sear food. We also commonly get asked if marijuana edibles are more dangerous than smoking marijuana and the simple answer to this would be yes, this is because many first timers will not know their tolerance and may over do it when consuming edibles. To avoid this you should consume edibles for the first time with someone experienced, if you do not feel the edibles you should wait nearly 1-3 hours before consuming more. One of the main reasons why marijuana edibles are so popular is because the wide variety they come in, from edible lollipops, marijuana cookies and even full edible turkey dinners you can do it all!

What Is CBD

A few fresh questions to the marijuana scene are what is CBD and can CBD get you high? CBD is actually short for cannabidiol, it was discovered in the 1940s and is the 2nd most prevalent ingredient in marijuana. A common misconception of CBD is that it will get you high, CBD will most definitely not get you high but is rather used for its many medical benefits. There are many variations that CBD can come in, you can get CBD oils, CBD capsules and pills, edibles, tinctures and you can also vape CBD. In our store we actively carry CBD oils, vapes and capsules to name a few of our products. Through thorough research it has been noted that the medical benefits of CBD can be anxiety relief, seizure prevention, pain relief and even cancer treatment. Did you know that many celebrities and athletes also regularly use and endorse CBD? Athletes such as Mike Tyson, Nate Diaz and Derrick Morgan have all been regular advocates for CBD and its medical properties. You can try all of these CBD products out for yourself by order from our Canadian mail order marijuana service but always remember that CBD by itself will not get you high but can definitely help you with its medical healing properties.


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