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Weed Storage and Safety

Cannabis is a substance that affects us all differently and two important factors that apply to all such substances are: storage and safety.

You have invested in quality weed products looking for the benefits of marijuana. In order to ensure that your stash is fresh and remains top notch, whether for medical or recreational use, proper storage is essential. Edible weeds and marijuana buds alike need to be kept away from humidity, heat and light. As with any other food or medicinal product those elements can alter their composition and create mold, staleness, loss of flavor or aroma and result in a less-than-ideal experience when consuming them.

No plastic bags, paper envelopes or tin foil, please and never in the refrigerator or freezer, since the humidity levels can strip away the THC producers in the buds. The best way to ensure freshness is an airtight container placed in a cool and dry spot. Dark or opaque glass jars are an excellent option, for example.

And having said this, we jump to the next factor which is safety. Same as prescription drugs and alcohol, marijuana whether in its natural form or in an edible weed snack, can be unsafe if ingested by children or pets. Cannabis affects their bodies differently and due to their size and metabolism, a visit to the ER can ensue. Unfortunately, there are documented cases of children accidentally ingesting weed brownies and causing them to act erratically, sleepy and in some cases having difficulty breathing. It would be a serious situation and one that you and your kids don’t want to go through.

So keep your marijuana out of the reach of children and pets. Perhaps under lock and key, in a safe, in the highest, farthest corner of your pantry or closet and when you are consuming it, make sure that kids or pets are not around to grab it if you get distracted and put it away every time when you are done consuming it.

When your kids are old enough, talk to them about medicine safety including medical cannabis and emphasize that you are the one to handle it for everyone’s well-being.

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