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White Castle

White Castle Strain Review, White Castle Strain Online Canada

The White Castle is a cross of two award-winning strains, the White Widow and Ice. This strain was originally created by Nirvana Seeds, who later named it after the popular American Fast Food Chain or perhaps a reference to an all-time favorite stoner movie – Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.  This Indica-dominant F1 hybrid has a lot of high expectations being the offspring of two of the most celebrated strains and it’s lived up to the promise. White Castle is known for its painkilling properties as well as the uplifting high reminiscent of its mother White Widow. This is a well-balanced strain between Indica and Sativa making it ideal for treating a wide variety of illness particularly insomnia.

In this White Castle Strain Review, we cover everything there is to know about White Castle from appearance, aroma, and flavor to how much THC is in White Castle Strain.

The White Castle is a high yield plant delivering ample buds for making extracts. The plant takes 8-10 weeks from seed to maturity. An average plant produces 400-500 grams of yield per square meter. The relaxing effects of the White Castle strain make it ideal for patients to administer during evening or night time.

Our staff conducted this review on the white castle strain and came to the conclusion that it is an excellent strain if you are dealing with pain or having a hard time coming to relax at the end of the night. You can use the white castle strain to unwind after a long busy day because it is perfect to use at night time when you are at home. Reading our review is one thing bud giving it a test for yourself is the only way to know if you will enjoy our strain, check out white castle strain for sale online.

Let’s dive into the White Castle strain review.

How Much THC is in White Castle Strain

The average THC in the White Castle is about 13%; however, certain products also claim to have a THC level of up to 24%. The THC in White Castle is even more than most landrace strains. Although the potency of the stain varies from one producer to the other, on average the White Castle is considered to be mildly potent suitable for occasional users as well as first-time users. However, we recommend that you check the THC level before administering the strain. A product with 24% THC will be highly potent and not recommended for beginners. If you’re a seasoned user with a high tolerance level, the White Castle would delight you with its unique high.

The Appearance of White Castle

"A handful of white castle strain nugs stacked ontop of each other"

White Castle is an Indica-dominant strain with 60 % Indica and 40% Sativa. The strain can be identified from others due to its fluffy light green color, with sparse orange hairs, and a thick frosty blanket of white trichomes covering the whole bud. The appearance of White Castle is out of this world, it’s the supermodel of the cannabis world.

White Castle Strain Aroma

The appearance of the White Castle perfectly reflects its aroma. This strain has a strong earthy smell with a sweet fruity overtone accented by tangy strawberries and ripe berries. There can be a slight variation in aroma based on the difference in producers, but some common flavour includes mint, pine, menthol, floral, and earthy. Without any second thought, the White Castle has to be one of the best smelling strains available in entire North America.

Taste of White Castle Strain

"4 Joints of white castle strain with a white background"

The lack of potency in the White Castle makes it a pleasant tasting strain. Ideal for recreation or medical use due to its effectiveness in a wide variety of illnesses, the effects of White Castle are quickly apparent. We recommend that you try the White Castle using a flower vaporizer for optimum high and flavor, rather than rolling and smoking. For an older strain such as the White Castle, a flower vape is the best to enjoy its lemon, earthy, and pungent flavors.

We know that just hearing about the strains amazing lemon earthy strain will want you to check it out on our online weed store in Canada, view the white castle strain here!

Medical Benefits of White Castle

White Castle is a premium strain when considering its medicinal properties. Like so many strains, the White Castle can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses in humans as well as pets, but the most dominant is its pain-relieving effects. Other patients who can benefit from the use of this strain include people suffering from depression, loss of appetite, stress, inflammation, and nausea.

Effects of the Strain

As with so many different strains, the effects can vary across users, but some of the common positive effects of White Castle include euphoric, happy, sedated, relaxed, and pain-free. This is not an active strain, meaning you are most likely to be couch-ridden once you take the White Castle.

Drawbacks of White Castle

This is a perfect strain with no identifiable caveat; however, with higher dosage and first-time users, paranoia, sleepiness, and anxiety are common.

Our Summary Of The White Castle Strain

At the end of this White Castle strain review, we conclude that this is one of the premium strains available in the market today with no concrete forewarning. The balance between Sativa and Indica is harmonious. The THC level is appropriate, which gives it a desirable flavour and heightens the experience. There are hardly any users who are not a fan of the White Castle including us. The best time to administer this strain is during evening or at night.      

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