White Widow Popularity

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Anyone who’s lounged in an Amsterdam café or watched the American TV show Weeds will have heard of White Widow. This classic is one of the world’s most famous cannabis hybrids and there are some excellent reasons why.

First bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s as a cross between a Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica, White Widow is now one of the most popular marijuana strains around the planet for both medicinal and recreational users.

The reason for its popularity stems from the fact it incorporates some of the best attributes of both the indica and sativa cannabis strains. Users report that White Widow has the uplifting qualities of a sativa but that it goes beyond the cerebral and encourages full body relaxation, a typical characteristic of the indica strain. The ratio of sativa in this hybrid is about 60 percent, however, so you can expect increased creativity, bursts of euphoria, cheerfulness and a carefree attitude. That said, White Widow is not to be taken lightly: despite its sweet-tasting smoke, it can pack a punch so it’s advisable new users take it lightly at first to suss out the specific influences.

The White Widow cannabis strain boasts earthy and pine aromas and they are incredibly strong and pungent. As for looks, the buds are bright with a white, crystalline resin, which is the catalyst for the name. When smoked, the sweet, sugary vapour coats your throat and has the tendency to expand heavily so it’s advisable to use a vaporizer if you’re not used to the smoke.

Many users enjoy White Widow recreationally when they want to go on an adventure or take part in a social gathering. For those who use it for medicinal reasons, this marijuana strain has been known to provide relief for anxiety, migraines, chronic aches and pains such as arthritis and mild PTSD.

It’s a testimony to the popularity of the White Widow hybrid that it has spawned offshoots such as White Russian, White Rhino and Blue Widow, all of which are celebrated in their own right throughout cannabis communities.

Overall, White Widow is a delicious, sweet-tasting smoke that incorporates the best characteristics of the two main strains of marijuana, which is why it has become one of the most popular hybrids on the planet.

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