• $40.00$70.00

    Smyle – CBD Vape Liquid


    Does this get you high? NO! This non-psychoactive, all natural vape liquid is the perfect option for those looking for CBD product that absorbs and takes effect faster than traditional creams or edibles, all while tasting great using Smyle’s all natural flavors.

    Hemp Derived CBD

    Clean. Natural. Discreet

    We offer two strengths in

    • 200mg in a 15ml bottle
    • 400mg in a 15ml bottle
  • $84.00

    Smyle – THC Vape Liquid 10ml 1000mg


    This activated, all natural vape liquid uses only the finest quality of BC Bud run distillate for a pure form THC. That is combined with delicious flavors, giving you the clean, natural, discreet vape you have been searching for.

    Flavors: Lemon Lime, Winter, Orange, Natural

    Smyle THC V-Liquid contains absolutely No PG, PEG or VG.

    Hybrid blend 60% indica 40% sativa

    Pro tips on how to get the best vape experience while using SMYLE.

    1) Turn down the heat: Turn your variable voltage device to a lower setting. Smyle uses an all natural v-liquid blend that vapes at 120 degrees celsius (The typical glycerin base liquids vape at 160 degrees or higher) *If you taste a burnt flavor the heat is too high!

    2) Prime your coil: Always add a few drops of Smyle V-liquid to your coil before use to avoid dry burning your coil.your device in the heat (e.g. direct sunlight) may cause tank leaks.

    Disclaimer: Be responsible & stay alive, never vape or consume & drive! This product will readily mix with E-juice.  If coil has been used for E-juice it may still be used for Smyle V-liquid.

    This vape juice works best with this vape unit: Aspire Breeze

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