91 Supreme Caviar 1g

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Bringing you a product unlike any other, a product so potent you won’t know what hit you! The new definition of top‐shelf. 91 Supremes’ Caviar is seen as full spectrum extracts on steroids. Although the same process is followed as in HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction.) Caviar is different because the whole time it is purging, the terpene (terpenes are what give the plant it’s aroma and taste, as well as, interact with the other cannabinoids to produce the various effects of cannabis) vapors are actively captured through a sophisticated method of sub-zero terpene trapping. These valuable terpenes are then reintroduced to the already reintroduced terpene mixture breaking down the crystals to the point where they are small balls of caviar.

Caviar produces some of the longest lasting highs while allowing you to smoke less; in fact, it’s amazing how long a batch will last. Pain, anxiety, and relaxation are no match for 91 Supreme Caviar! It takes terpene contents to another level.  There’s no better smell than popping the lid off of a jar filled with this caviar. It looks like crystals drenched in a darker liquid. This product is not just incredibly flavorful, it’s also much more potent than the most shatters.

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El Chapo (Indica), Master Bubba (Indica), Mimosa (Sativa)

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  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Even though this product is way out of my price range, I had to try it. I really enjoyed the flavour and the potency.. Very well done. Only 3 stars because of the price. 5 stars if your are rich. LOL.

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