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FotM: January

This month has some exciting new strains! I wanted to give you all a small review on my personal favourite bud, the offices’ favourite flower.

First would be our Strawberry cough bud, this bud is on the top ten list in my books for a few really rad reasons. The first thing you notice is the smell when you open a jar or bag with strawberry bud in it. It smells like a fresh jar of strawberry jam. I have honestly never smelt a nicer, sweeter bud. Not only does it smell like grandma’s house but it tastes phenomenal! It’s a very smooth smoke. We had two joints going around, both super tasty. One was UK cheese and the other Strawberry Cough. After taking a puff of the UK and then hitting the strawberry you could really notice how sweet and savoury the Strawberry Cough bud really is. I got the chance to use a really old school volcano this past weekend. I was told that the more crystal on the bud the better for the volcano. So, my first thought was the Strawberry cough bud! I pulled a fat caked nug out of my bag, grinded that bad boy up and let’s vapour!! Everybody was super impressed with the smell and taste and the high from the strawberry cough bud and the volcano was also super fun and neat to use. The taste from vaping it was still very sweet but almost like a cinnamon spice cookie. Maybe a bit of a stretch but it definitely added a different flavor to it. The same night we used the volcano I was helping friends move. We got ripped on this strong sativa bud and before we knew it the work was done!


Another reason this is on my tops list is because it’s a sativa strain that apparently only a few people can get their hands on! We really lucked out! After one decent size joint I find I’m all smiles and laughs. Any blues I had going on before are simply gone. This is a really amazing bud because of the uplifting effects and straight happiness! I get giddy thinking about this flower. If I had to smoke one strain for the rest of my life I would pick the Strawberry cough strain without hesitation. Not only is it great for a total pick me up but it’s also a wonderful day time strain. I found I was still focused and able to go about the day. I also smoked a fat cone of the Strawberry cough bud when I had some muscle pain in my arms, I noticed that my arms seemed to be in less pain, but also wasn’t focused on it because of the euphoric high from strawberry cough.

The buds coming off this plant are beautiful as well, super sticky and covered in crystals with bright orange pink hairs. If you ever wanted to try and make finger rosin or rosin at home this would be some really great weed for that. It’s caked with ooey gooey goodness. This is one of those strains that everybody should know like Girl Scout Cookies or Super Silver Haze. The name in itself is a conversation starter but also because of its great effects and honestly if the world smoked a fat bong rip of this bud it would be a better place.







The office right now is in love with the UK cheese strain!

Have you seen how big the nugs are?! You can never go wrong with a cheesy weed. This bright pungent bud is the offices favourite because of the uplifting happy energetic high you get from smoking it. Plus the nugs really are huge and for the price of UK cheese it’s an amazing bud! Great for wake n bake sessions to start your day, just pulling into work smoke a fat joint and you’ll go in with the best attitude. You’ll be all smiles and focussed. A few reasons why around the office we the like UK cheese this month are because of its strong cheese smell and taste. You know when you smell a cheesy weed and you just know you’re going to get high as a kite that’s this bud. This is a great strain for the functional stoner, somebody who is constantly high but still manages to get everything done and really well too. This strain puts you in the zone! Wither you’re at work and need to get work done and stay super focused or going to the gym and need that extra push of energy and motivation, maybe you have a big project you want to complete or you simply want to have an energetic focused and happy high I would strongly recommend this bud. The U.K cheese strain is a favourite of all of ours because it’s a perfect daytime high with no crash or burn out like other strains.


I hope you guys try these strains and enjoy them as much as I did.

Stay medicated 🙂

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